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Points to Ponder Before You Buy an Electric Car

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been gaining popularity in the last decade and many people have begun to switch to EVs. Since this is still a new concept, it is important to keep a few points in mind before buying an electric vehicle . Here are a few things one must consider while buying an EV:


Electric vehicles are definitely environment friendly but are not necessarily pocket friendly. Due to the expensive battery packs and need for high maintenance, EVs are quite expensive when compared to their conventional counterparts. Even a basic electric hatchback car can cost over 5-6 lakhs. So, while considering an electric car one must consider the budget one is willing to spend.

Battery Life

The battery pack that one chooses for their EV is crucial. Check the battery life and the quality before deciding on one because replacing your battery pack can be very expensive. Changing battery packs often will not be economical so, choose one wisely while buying an EV, keeping the track record or service commitment related to the battery.


There are various charging options available while buying an EV such as fast charging, standard charging and slow-charging. Fast chargers are expensive and low in availability. Consider buying a slow/standard charger since it is more economical and can be set up for charging your EV in your garage.

Tax Benefits

The government offers incentives and tax benefits to its citizens. Before buying an electric car, check the percentage of incentive and tax benefits you can avail of while buying an electric car. The Government of India also offers benefits such as reduced service tax (GST) that can further reduce the price one pays for an electric car.


In India, we still do not have the right infrastructure to support eco-friendly vehicles. The number of public charging stations on highways and small cities is still minimal. This is a huge setback. If one wants an EV they should either have their own charging point or have the EV as their second or additional vehicle.


One must think about the purpose of their vehicle. If they want to travel on highways or use it as a daily commute vehicle to travel to work, etc. The miles that an EV can cover depends on the battery pack. Depending on the nature of how one might want to use their car, they must choose a battery package.

Software Updates

EVs are constantly improving and they are equipped with complex powertrains and advanced technology. While some manufactures provide free software updates, others charge for these improvements. Those who own electric cars must get regular software updates.


Unless you live in a metropolitan city, EVs are not yet a practical choice. They are expensive, sufficient charging points are not available, and travelling major distances can be a hassle if there are no charging stations on the way. Consider the practical usability before buying an Electric vehicle.

Electric cars need some different maintenance checkpoints in addition to regular cars. Those who own such cars must definitely purchase insurance for their car. As such the care and maintenance are high so insurance will act as a saviour during unforeseen circumstances. To know more about insurances available for your car, click here!

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