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Three Things that the New Motor Vehicle Act Proposes

The first Motor Vehicle Act in India was instilled towards the end of the 19th century. As years passed, the rules became stringent. In June 2014, under the Road Transport Minister NitinGadkari, there were talks to bring in a new Bill that would cover several issues including motor safely, endeavouring to be in line with the international traffic laws and vehicular regulation norms.

Cabinet Minister Gopinath Munde was involved in a car crash later in 2014; his death further pushed the government to frame the new motor vehicle Bill in all earnest. Although the fear of instigating corruption due to greater penalty amounts exists, the current government hopes in better road safety standards. The importance of insurance has sparked, sowing the trend for the growth in car insurance online.

Highlights of the Act

  • Surveillance - There are numerous people who buy a new carin any given day. In fact the annual sale of domestic motor vehicles in 2013 amounted to 1.81 million units. Due to this, the traffic levels goup drastically, and road safety has become a hazard. To monitor this, the new Bill is aimed at installing CCTV cameras at all traffic signalsand is also looking to centralise registration data to keep a check on the misuse of driving licences and unsafe driving.
  • Steep Charges - Apart from the enormous fines for violations, the new bill proposed penalties of up to Rs 3 lakh, with a 7 year minimum termof imprisonment, in certain cases of a death of a child. The Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014 also prescribes the terms for faulty manufacturing design where a fine of Rs 5 lakh per vehicle along with imprisonment will be applicable. Also, it proposes cancellation of license for negligent and rash driving.
  • Drunk Driving - The first offence will instantly attract a fine of Rs 25,000, or it might lead to a minimum imprisonment of 3 months, in certain cases both might be applicable, with a license suspension of 6 months. The second offence if committed within a period of three years may call for a fine of Rs 50,000 or imprisonment up to a year or, in certain cases, both along with license suspension. In the cases of drunken school bus drivers, Rs50,000 will be the penalty imposed, following an imprisonment for three years. Also, drivers within the age group of 18 to 25 will face immediate cancellation and ban of license.

Although the new Bill has proposeda lot to control road hazards, we also need to do our bit by getting a comprehensive cover plan, you can look at car insurance online to get the best plans at reasonable premiums.

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