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Busting Myths: Only Women Need 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance

The short film “Going Home” by Vikas Bhal, starring Alia Bhatt went viral over the internet during October, 2014. It shows just how nerve-wracking a late night car break down can be. While the film has a positive note to it, not all women are left lucky. Owning a car is a dream comes true for many, offering ease and comfort. However, at times, it can take a toll on you when your car decides to give way and refuses to restart again, especially on a highway at night or while rushing to a business meeting. While a situation like this can be emotionally traumatic for women, it does not mean that men in a similar situation have it easier.

What would a man do if he is stranded in the deserted Valparai - Athirapally road? He would be just as helpless as women. Many  car insurance companies and other car manufacturers have come up with a 24x7 breakdown assistance to help in such times of need.

The Breakdown Assistance Policy

Whether your engine is billowing steam or you have a flat tyre, the experience can be inconvenient and extremely frightening. Winters in northern India can multiply this problem, where the weather conditions play havoc with the engines. Apart from accident cover car insurance policies, it is important to take a breakdown assistance plan as well. If you do not have a breakdown cover you will need to call a local garage, and if you do manage to find one, you will be charged a call out fee as well as a toll fee and labour charges, which could prove to be very expensive. The add-on assist policy will generally include:

  • On the road repair in the case of minor halts.
  • Car towing facility to the nearest garage, including network garages.
  • Tyre change help in the case of flat or blown tyre
  • Support in the situations of lockout or lost keys.
  • Emergency fuel aid

Point to Remember

There are two types of such covers, the first is where you pay the premium for an agreed number of call outs a year, and you will charged very lower on availing these. However, if you have an old or problematic vehicle, this is not advisable.

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