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Luxury Cars Available in India

Every car owner loves their car. Despite the pollution it causes, road accidents, high ownership costs, many people choose to travel by car, for the comfort and ease of travel. Some love owning cars for the sense of freedom and personal control they gain. Taking the entire automobile spectrum into account, there are regular cars and luxury cars available in the Indian market. While everyone cannot afford to buy a luxury car, it is important to know what these cars have to offer and what makes them different and better from regular cars. There is no clear definition of what makes a car a “luxury car” but here are three aspects that make them differ from regular cars:

High-End Features

A luxury car comes with great comfort and features such as:

● Leather upholstery

● Premium sound systems

● Heated front seats

● Multi-zone automatic climate control

● Ambient interior lighting

● LED lighting

● Bluetooth connectivity

● Satellite and HD radio

● Voice controls

● Navigation

● Touch screen display

● Infotainment system

Safety Features

Luxury cars come with some safety features that one might often think to be unnecessary but, there is nothing unnecessary when it comes to safety. These are some standard premium safety features that come in luxury cars:

● Blind-spot monitoring with an audible alert system

● Rear cross-traffic alert

● Collision warning system with automatic emergency braking

● A camera that detects the speed of a vehicle coming fast towards a slowing or stopped car


Luxury cars are not expensive only because they are made of better- or high-quality materials, they are expensive because of their exclusivity. Since there are only a few models sold every year, consumers are charged for the car’s design, development, and assembly costs. These cars are obviously more expensive compared to regular cars.

One can find luxury vehicles in various categories such as hatchbacks, minivans, SUVs, and sedans. Let us have a look at some of the top luxury cars available in the Indian automobile market with all the features that make them exclusive and special:

Lamborghini Aventador Price: 6.25 Cr

This car is the personification of sporty and stylish in one. It is a supercar legend in the history of super sports cars. Here are some of its features:

● Transmission – Electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system

● Electronic Stability Control – Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS)

● Hydraulic assisted power steering

● Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LSD)

● Driver, passenger, and side airbags

● Side protection system for front and rear-specific collapsible areas

● Central locking

● Smart access card entry

● Seat belt warning

● Brake assist

● Crash sensor

● Anti-theft alarm

● Side and front impact beams

Rolls Royce Phantom Price: 9.50 – 10.49 Cr

It is the quietest Rolls Royce to have been created with the choice to personalize it to one’s liking. It is a kind of luxury with an exquisite privacy suite. Some of its unique features include:

● Adaptive headlights to adjust to the conditions outside

● The Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller is a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) device

● On-board entertainment system

● Satellite-aided transmission

● Night vision option that alerts the driver about what is ahead up to 300 metres away

● Privacy suite is a rear seat that gives the experience of a personal isolated rear cabin. With one touch, the electrochromic glass can switch from transparent to opaque. The frequency-specific insulation provides acoustic separation and conversations can remain private

● The Starlight Headliner – Gives passengers the experience of stargazing within the car. One can adjust the brightness of each star to suit their mood

● A cool box with hand-blown lead crystal flutes

● Seat controls in centre console

● Footrests rise with one button

● Decanter and glasses

Rolls Royce Ghost Price: 6.95 – 7.00 Cr

This is an ultra-luxurious car and an entry-level model. The Rolls Royce Ghost Extended has still not been launched in India. It has some of the finest interiors and smooth-riding experiences. Here are some of its features:

● Elevated awareness

● Seamless connectivity

● Perceptive touchscreens

● Effortless parking

● Heightened agility control

● Vision assist

● Nightlife and pedestrian warning

● Alertness warning

● Cross-traffic warning

● Lane departure warning

● Lane changing warning

● Anti-lock Braking System

● Stability control

● Front, side, overhead and knee airbags

● Security system

Jaguar F-TYPE Price: 97.97 Lakh – 2.61 Cr

This luxury car comes with the most athletic and elegant designs. It is equipped with the best driving systems to give the best driving experience and it also has configurable dynamics to help personalize driving characteristics. Here are some of the features that this car provides:

● LED taillights

● 12-way adjustable seats with heating and cooling option

● Ambient lighting with a choice of 5 colours to suit your mood

● Interactive 3D driver display

● InControl portal will help in playing music, radio, and podcasts

● Touch Pro synchronizes all apps to present everything in one picture

● Jaguar Remote App allows one to check the vehicle’s location, fuel levels, lock and unlock the vehicle and control the car’s climate remotely

● Secure Tracker helps in locating the car when it is stolen

● Connected Navigation Pro gives the driver traffic updates and access to maps

Land Rover Range Rover Price: 2.10 – 4.38 Cr

This luxury car has a sporty look and delivers a complete on-road performance. It comes with an Activity Key and fully waterproof wristband that allows you to leave the car key in the car and yet, keep it secure. Some of its features are:

● InControl car infotainment system

● All Wheel Drive (AWD) system that enhances off-road capability

● Rear seat entertainment system fitted with wireless headphones and remote

● USB and HDMI ports to support multiple devices

● One can remotely check the level of fuel, location of the vehicle, lock and unlock the car

● Pro Services provides information about traffic and navigation coordinated with your smartphone

● Connect your smartphone with the Smartphone Pack

● Voice recognition

The most integral part of owning a car is insurance. It is mandatory in India to at least have Third-party Insurance. Every car owner must talk to their insurance providers and buy suitable insurance. Remember that while buying luxury cars, the value of the car is typically higher and thus, the premium would also be more. For complete financial protection, one must have their car covered with insurance. Click hereto know more about the various insurance policies available for your car!

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