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How to Upload Car Documents on DigiLocker

Going on drives, road trips is something many of us enjoy. While going for such drives we may carry a lot of snacks, juices, and refreshments. However, there is something even more important, that one must always carry - and that is car documents! Car documents such as Registration Certificate (RC) and Driving Licence (DL) are mandatory to be carried in the vehicle and need to be produced at any checkpoint by authorities. One may find it difficult or may forget to carry these documents. This is where DigiLocker can come to the rescue. DogiLocker is part of the Digital India initiative. It is basically a locker facility for citizens of India to store authentic digital documents.

In this article, we explain the benefits and the process of uploading car documents to DigiLocker.

Benefits of Using DigiLocker

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has partnered with DigiLocker to make available to the people, digital license and vehicle registration certificates online. National Register is the national database of driving license and vehicle registration. DigiLocker is directly integrated with the National Register which makes these digital documents also authentic. Here are some of the advantages of this:

● Paperless – Minimizing the use of physicalized documents will reduce the use of paper

● Authenticity – The original documents uploaded on DigiLocker are considered to be authentic. Digital certificates are directly shared from the data source which reduces administrative overhead

● Spot Verification – The authenticity of the documents can be validated by checking the Digital Signature of MoRTH on the PDF copy of the document or by scanning the QR code on the digital documents

How to Upload Car Documents

● One must first create an account using the app. Add the mobile number and the OTP. Then create a username and password for later use

● Add your Aadhaar Card details which will add other details such as an address, date of birth, etc., Remember that your license and Aadhaar card need to match for DigiLocker to accept records for the digital copy

● Add your driving license number and it will be verified with the MoRTH records. Go to ‘Pull Partner Documents’ and a digitalized license will be fetched by DigiLocker. It will include a timestamp for record-keeping purposes. After your record is fetched, you can save a permanent link to it in your ‘Issued Documents section

● Note that the driving license must be updated with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and if the license number does not exist in the MoRTH records, DigiLocker will not be able to accept a digital copy of your driving licence

● Remember that photos and scanned copies of the original documents will not be accepted by traffic officials

Many people hesitate to carry important documents due to the fear of losing them. You can have the physical copies safely at home and use the digitised documents while traveling. Next time, you leave your car documents behind, you need not worry if you have your documents on the DigiLocker app. Just like car documents, car insurance is equally important. Make sure that you carry insurance papers! If you want to know more about available insurance policies in the market, click here!

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