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Keep your car up and running during the lock down

The ongoing pandemic has forced us to press the brake pedal both on us and on our cars too. Not using your car for a long period can deteriorate the condition of your car and can cost you unnecessary service expenses.

So, here are some tips to maintain your car during the lockdown:


Every 3-4 days, start your car and run it for 10 to 15 minutes. This will prevent battery discharge. You can even disconnect the negative terminal from the battery if the former is not possible. This will prevent you from future troubles like jump-starting the car once the lockdown is over.


If possible take your car out for a short drive within your gated community or street. If not possible, try moving your car forward and back to prevent sidewall cracks and flat spots on the tyres.

Fuel Level:

It is recommended to maintain a full tank during these times. If there is less fuel, the air above the fuel might get condensed and store moisture, which could potentially lead to rusting in the long run.


Engaging handbrake for days could lead to jamming the brake. Instead, park the car in first gear for normal, uphill parking and in reverse gear if you have parked your car in a downhill. You can also place bricks or wooden blocks to avoid rolling.


Clean/disinfect your cabin, floor mats and remove leftovers, junks, etc… This will prevent attracting rodents and eliminate odour. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the car to avoid any contamination.


Park your car in a covered area. If you don't have a covered car park, keep your car covered. This will prevent dust, bird droppings, and paint damage due to continuous sun exposure. Clear all the fallen leaves and flowers as they can invite bacteria.

Keep a check on your Insurance:

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