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How to Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

In India, the gap between petrol and diesel prices is narrowing since January 2013, following the deregulation of fuel prices. As a result, buyers are increasingly opting for petrol vehicles over the diesel variants, according to a study conducted by JD Power Asia Pacific in 2014. No matter what type of fuel your car uses, you can improve its fuel efficiency by taking some simple steps. The basics of protecting your four-wheeler also remain the same. You simply cannot afford to skip car insurance.

Top Tips on Improving Fuel Economy

Just as you renew your vehicle insurance policy every year, you should get your car serviced at least once a year. Keeping the spark plug, air filter, and oxygen sensor in a good working condition not only helps to improve engine performance, but also lowers your fuel bills.

  • Keep the tyres inflated : Under-inflated tyres takea wider contact area with the road, resulting in more friction, and thus burning more fuel. Ideally, you should keep the tyres inflated at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level. Be sure that check the level at least once in a month.
  • Drive smoothly : Just because you have a car insurance policy does not mean that you can drive recklessly. Sensible driving not only reduces wear and tear and the risk of accidents, but also saves fuel. As much as possible, avoid sudden brakes and acceleration. Excessive idling may also increase fuel consumption. However, when you need to idle it for a long period, be sure to turn the engine off. It is always a good idea to use higher gears as long as possible. Another good idea is to take off unnecessary baggage from your four-wheeler.
  • Merge trips : Remember that a cold start consumes more fuel than a warm start does. When the engine is warm, it takes only half as much fuel as cold engine takes. This means that you can save more by combining two or more short trips into one. In the process, you can also save your journey time. Carpooling is another great idea. If you are your colleagues travel through a same route every day, consider opting for the buddy system.

It is always a good idea to opt for a fuel efficient vehicle, even if it costs slightly higher. After all, it will help you save a lot in the long run. Also, do not forget to get a comprehensive car insurance policy  from an acclaimed provider.

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