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How To Make a Car Insurance Claim

In India, Motor Insurance is mandatory but many people are unaware of how a car insurance claim must be done. In case of theft, accident, or mishap, the policyholder can ask the insurance provider to compensate for the damages done to their car or third party vehicle. Here is a guide to how one can make a car insurance claim. There are two types of car insurance claims that policyholders can raise, cashless car insurance claim and reimbursement car insurance claim

Process of Cashless Car Insurance Claim:-

This kind of claim does not require the policyholder to pay for the repairs directly. The car would have to be sent to a garage that is in the network of the insurance provider and they will directly settle the bills with the workshop.

●       After an accident/mishap, inform the insurance company immediately or login to your insurance provider’s website and make a claim

●       A surveyor will be sent to the site to check the extent of damage

●       With some insurance companies, one can request towing service. The car will be towed to the nearest garage network

●       Once the documents are provided, the car will be repaired and serviced at the garage and the insurance provider will pay the workshop

●       One will have to pay the compulsory deductible amount to the insurer. If you opt for a voluntary deductible amount one can make the payment and take the car

Process of Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim:-

While making a reimbursement claim the insured will have to initially pay for the damage. Once the process is over, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider, the amount will be reimbursed. The policyholder can send the damaged car to any garage of their choice and do not require to send it only to a network garage.

●       After a theft/accident/mishap call the insurance provider immediately and ask them to initiate a claim. One can log in to their insurance provider’s website with the required credentials and make an online claim

●       The insurance provider will send a surveyor to check the damages

●       One can either take the vehicle to the nearest garage or raise a request for a towing service through the insurance provider

●       Once the car is repaired and serviced, remember to collect the original repair estimate slip and bills

●       The final step is to submit the original bills and required documents to the insurance provider to get the amount reimbursed. The insured will still have to pay the compulsory deductible amount and voluntary deductible amount (if opted).

Documents Required:

The following documents have to be submitted to the insurance provider while making a car insurance claim

●       Duly signed claim form

●       Copy of driving licence

●       Copy of RC

●       Copy of insurance policy papers

●       In case of theft, death, or injury, FIR copy

●       Repair estimate paper/repair invoice (originals)

●       In case of hospitalization, hospital bills

Reasons for Rejection:

●       Willful negligence

●       Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs

●       Car is driven by a person without licence

●       Loss due to nuclear weapons or radioactivity

●       Damage caused due to war/riots

●       Wear and tear

●       mechanical/electrical failure

It is difficult to think clearly when something unfortunate happens and even more difficult if we have to bear unforeseen expenditures. That is why one must be aware of how to make a car insurance claim when necessary so that the insurance provider can take the financial burden off your shoulder. Click here to know more about car insurance claims.

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