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Summer is here! Simple tips to protect your car from the scorching heat

It's that time of year where the scorching sun shows no mercy on us. Day by day the temperature keeps rising. At least we have ways to beat the heat! But spare a moment for our cars. If we don't pay enough attention to our cars during the summer, it will result in early wear and tear and other maintenance issues.

So here are some tips to protect your car during summer.


This is the most exposed part of the harsh Ultraviolet rays. Like how we use Sunscreen to protect ourselves, cars can be protected by periodical polishing with wax. This not only protects the car from the harmful UV rays but also gives a good aesthetic appeal.


Many of us would know how it feels to sit in a car that has been under the sun for hours. That's because the car's interior temperature could be 8 to 10 degrees more than the outside temperature. Invest in good quality Sun blinds, this will reduce the temperature to a certain extent. They also prevent the plastic and rubber components from cracking.


With temperatures going beyond 40 degrees, our car's air-conditioning unit takes additional load during summer. A common issue which we all face is, the time it takes to cool the cabin is way longer than usual. That's due to the heat present inside the cabin. Once you start the car, roll down all the windows and let the heat escape. Likewise, when you park in open, roll down the windows half an inch to prevent the heat from building up. This will help the AC to quickly cool the cabin.

Tyre Pressure:

Not maintaining the recommended tyre pressure could lead to sidewall damage, on poor roads, it could even lead to a tyre burst on a scorching hot day. Check the tyre pressure either in the early morning or late evening. Tyre pressure should be adjusted based on passenger capacity and road conditions. Don't forget to check the tyre pressure of your spare tyre. You never know when it might come handy!


Similar to humans, batteries drain quickly when the weather gets extremely hot. The fluids present inside the battery might evaporate, resulting in a shorter life span. To avoid this, check for corrosion, clear the dust and other foreign objects around the battery and terminals. If the car is not going to be used for a long period, detach the negative terminal from the battery this will prevent further draining.

Fluids, Oil and Filter:

Take your car to an authorized service center and top-up the essential fluids which include differential, transmission and brake oil. If required, change the engine oil and add coolant. Get the air filter cleaned or replace it with a new one. Check if there are any cracks in hoses and pipes, as they can lead to loss of fuel and fluids.

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