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How to get rid of Holi colour stains from your car

It’s the most colourful time of the year again - Holi! Having a little colour thrown your way is what the spirit of the festival is about, but we doubt you’d want the same for your car. Those colour stains can be difficult to remove and might even leave a lasting residue.

To keep your car from looking like an abstract painting by the end of the day, here are a few things you can do.

How to protect your car from colour stains

1.  Parking

No area is safe when it comes to avoiding the splash of colours during Holi, except in your garage of course. If you happen to have a closed garage or a parking space, it is best to keep your car parked there for the day to protect it from any stray colours.

If you don’t have a garage or a closed parking area, you can use a protective car cover instead to ensure that your car isn’t stained.

2.  Polish with car wax

Car wax doesn’t just make your car extra shiny - it also acts as a protective coating. The colours used for Holi can sometimes damage your car’s paint, even if they’re eco-friendly colour powders. Car wax forms a protective cover to keep the colour from damaging the exterior of your car.

You can do it yourself (make sure to wash your car first) or seek the help of a professional to do it. The car wax also offers protection against UV rays, and with summer around the corner, a fresh coat of it can protect your car’s exterior even after Holi.

If you want extra protection, you can also choose a Teflon coating to go over your car wax to protect your car from, not just the effects of Holi, but other elements that can damage your car’s exteriors.

3.  Protect your interiors

Your car’s exteriors aren’t the only part vulnerable to Holi colour stains - you need to protect your interiors as well.

First, make sure that your windows are closed. You can line your seats with a protective cover to avoid any stains from the colour powder or residue from your clothes. It also helps to apply a layer of wax or oil over your dashboard and other surfaces as it would make cleaning off any colour stains much easier. And if you have to give a ride to someone who’s playing holi, ensure you put protective sheets on seats and floor before letting them hop in!

How to remove colour stains

Say you still happened to get a few colour stains on your car - here’s how you can remove them.

1.  Wash with car shampoo

You can get rid of the stains on your car by washing it - but make sure that you don’t use any detergent or harsh soaps. These can damage your paint. Use a car shampoo or soap as these products are formulated to protect your car instead of damage it.

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