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How to get PUC in Digilocker

In India, whenever you’re out driving your vehicle, it’s mandatory to keep certain documents handy at all times. Most people in the country do not take this seriously as checking of these documents only happens if you break the signal or unusual inspection. But in case if your car is inspected and you do not have the required documents, it could lead you to some legal troubles. The following are the necessary documents that everyone should have at all times -

● Registration Card: This is the most important document as it allows you to legally drive in India

● Driving License: Not having this is a punishable offense in the country

● PUC (Pollution Under Control): A mandatory document that tells that your vehicle emits gas as per the standards set by authorities

● Car Insurance: Insuring your vehicle is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1998. The driver should always carry this with them

Carrying around all of these documents can be cumbersome and also you can be at the risk of misplacing them. The government of India passed a new law where the owners can scan all of the stated documents and upload them in a Digilocker for convenience. This is an application launched by the government to promote paperless governance and to encourage one to be more meticulous about documentation. You can follow these steps to get your PUC uploaded in this digital locker-


● Sign in to the Digilocker website by entering username/password or your Aadhar number/password

● Click on Issued documents and select Partners names like Ministry of Transport of your particular state or Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways.

● After that select the document type as Emission Certificate and enter your Registration number

● Then click on the get document button, post this, the document will be linked to your Digilocker account

● This document once linked can also be downloaded

Having all your important documents linked to the Digilocker is a great way to easily access documents whenever needed. It’s a hassle-free way since it minimizes the paperwork and you also receive documents from authorized issuers. As a responsible citizen of the country, one should cooperate with the government in going eco-friendly and become a part of the new digital era.

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