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How to get a duplicate RC book for your car

Whenever you purchase a car you are required to register it at the nearest Regional Transport Office. Here the vehicle’s number plate and the official registration will be done. Upon this, you will get a registration certificate. This certificate proves that your vehicle has been registered and you are the legal owner. This is one of the most important documents and it should be kept in your car at all times. But in any situation where you’ve lost the certificate or it has been stolen then you will have to apply for a duplicate registration certificate.

Steps to apply for a duplicate RC book

There are two ways through which you can apply for a duplicate RC book- online and offline. The online method is easier and less cumbersome than the offline method but if you don’t have the means then you can go for the offline method.

Online Method-

Step 1- Filling out the application form

You can go on the Parivahan Sewa website and fill out the application form. The form will ask for details like police verification and insurance details.

Step 2- Payment of fees

After clicking on the submit button you will be prompted to pay a service fee. This fee depends on the type of vehicle you own.

Step 3- Submission of documents at RTO

After the payment of the fee, a receipt will be generated. You will have to submit this receipt along with the other mandatory documents at the RTO nearest to you.

Offline Method-

Step 1- Filing an FIR

The first thing you need to do is to file an FIR at the local police station. You will have to mention every detail about the vehicle like the model, the registration number, owner of the vehicle, etc. You will have to make 5-6 copies of this FIR and take them to your local RTO office.

Step 2- Get an RC extract

A citizen of India can get information about the vehicle from the records kept at the RTO office. This is an RC extract. After you get your extract, you will have to fill Form 26 which asks for various details regarding the car and the owner.

Step 3- Submission of the application

You will have to submit the application with all the documents attached and get it verified by the RTO officer. The list of documents are-

1. In case the reason for applying is damage to the certificate, then you will have to attach a copy of the original certificate.

2. Insurance certificate

3. An affidavit that has all the details of your car.

4. No objection certificate from the financier, if you have purchased the car on a loan.

5. Pollution Under Control certificate

Step 4- Payment of fees

You will have to pay service fees after which you will receive a receipt. You will have to take this receipt to the superintendent’s office where you will get an acknowledgment slip. This slip will contain the date on which you will receive the new RC book.

It is important to know that without a proper registration certificate you will not be able to apply for a car insurance policy. Driving without a valid car insurance policy is not only an offence but also risky. In case of any damage, you will be liable to pay the expenses. So, get a new RC book as soon as possible.

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