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How to Claim Insurance for a Flood-Damaged Car

Erratic weather, be it the relentless monsoons or natural disasters like floods always spell disaster for cars plying on waterlogged roads. Strain on the suspension and engine from sudden and excessive contact with potholes and water can seriously damage a car. 

In such instances a comprehensive car insurance can prove to be very useful to tide through potential costs of repairs and replacements. Car insurance protects you and your car from contingencies arising out of accidents, and physical damage. As per the law, it is mandatory for car owners to buy an insurance policy while buying a car.

You can choose from two types of car insurance policies -

Third Party Liability Car Insurance: This cover offers protection against any legal liability towards a third party or property arising from an accident where the insured is at fault. As per the law, Third Party Liability insurance is mandatory for all car owners.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: This type of insurance provides full coverage against Third Party Liability and Own Damage. It is not mandatory but is definitely recommended over Third Party Liability Car Insurance because it also compensates for damages caused to the insured car.

If you have a comprehensive cover and your car is damaged from the floods, you can file an insurance claim as indicated below to recover the cost of damages -


Contact your car insurance company on the Customer Care Number and provide the following information to the company personnel attending your call -  

        a.    location your car broke down/ is parked 

        b.    if you were driving the car or not when it broke down

A unique claim registration number will be assigned to you. Each time you interact with the insurance company for your claim, you will need to furnish this number

Your car will be towed by the insurance company at a scheduled pick-up time and sent to the garage

A surveyor assigned by the insurance company will visit the garage to assess total damage to your car. You will be notified of the cost payable by the insurance company and the cost that will need to be borne by you 

You will receive a claim approval sheet from the garage officials or the surveyor. Ensure that the figure on the claims approval sheet is as per the terms of your insurance policy cover. In case of a discrepancy/issue contact the  surveyor. Keep your copy of the claim approval sheet carefully

The garage officials will give you a tentative deadline for repairing your car. You can contact them for an update on the status of the repairs

You will receive a checklist which will outline the scope of repairs. Do verify the work being done with this checklist. If you are satisfied with the repairs proceed with the service charges payable by you indicated in the claim settlement. Sign the required documentation. 

Your newly repaired car will be delivered to you. 

Make sure you protect yourself and your car by buying car insurance online or by contacting an insurance provider. 

If your car is insured by Chola MS, contact us on the following number for claim registration - 1800-200-5544


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