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How to check Vehicle Owner details by Registration Number?

Owning a vehicle was once a status symbol. It has undoubtedly become an essential necessity now. Driving in our vehicles is not just about a sense of ownership, but also about comfort and ease of access. With our own vehicle, we have the liberty to travel at our convenience and not stick to any schedules which we would need to if we were to travel by public transport. Owning a vehicle gives us easy access to most everyday necessities - be it grocery shopping, traveling for work, or for responding to an emergency, etc.

This is why traveling by a two-wheeler or four-wheeler is the most preferred mode of transportation for most Indians. Some of us even get a second-hand car to experience this comfort and ease of access. However, when you do opt for a second-hand car from a dealer, how do you look for the details of the car owner. Simple! This is why the government of India had put VAHAN in place.

VAHAN has made it a lot easier for all the people to find out the details of a motor vehicle owner online just by their vehicle registration number. It is a national registry launched by the Centre, through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. With details of over 28 crore vehicles digitized, the VAHAN was launched to try and centralise all the information or data related to vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses from the DTOs (District Transport Offices) and RTOs (Regional Transport Offices) from around the country. 

How to check the details with VAHAN?

With VAHAN, you can now easily access all the necessary information about any vehicle with just a registration number from anywhere in the country. Through VAHAN, you can find out the following details - registration number and date, chassis and engine number, name of the owner, vehicle and fuel class/type, manufacturer and model, registration, insurance, and PUC certificate expiry date, road tax and emission norms details, and the status of the registration certificate. Check out the following steps to check the details of the vehicle owner by registration number through VAHAN.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of VAHAN to find out the required details of the vehicle owner.
  • Step 2: on the page, you will see a list of options on the top navigation menu - home, parivahan, know your vehicle details and contact us.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’. Once you click on it, you will be directed to a new page, you can see the terms of use and you will be asked to enter the vehicle number of the supposed vehicle and captcha as a verification code.
  • Step 4: Once you’re done, please click on Vahan Search.
  • Step 5: Voila! You will be able to check out the details of the respective vehicle's owner.

How to check the details of vehicle registration using an SMS?

If you are in a situation where you cannot go online to find out the details about your vehicle registration, fret not, the government of India has given us an alternate option to find out the required vehicle information through just an SMS. Listed below is the step-by-step guide on how to check the vehicle registration details using an SMS.

Step 1: In your mobile phone, go to messages and open a new message tab.

Step 2: Enter VAHAN <Space> Vehicle Registration Number. ( For example, VAHAN TN12BY2xx9)

Step 3: Recheck the details and send the SMS to 7738299899.

You will receive a message with all the required information of the vehicle including the name of the vehicle owner, RTO details, make and model, RC/FC expiry, insurance details, etc.

Things to know about the VAHAN website

The VAHAN website was launched by the government of India to digitize vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses. Further to help vehicle owners to access information about other vehicles. In order to help them in case of situations like accidents, buying a used vehicle, etc. Let us take a look at the things we need to know about the website and all the details listed.

  • The VAHAN website makes it easier for vehicle owners to access and get their car registration certificate online by clicking on the ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’ tab and filling in the necessary details.
  • The database collected on the website contains over 28 crore vehicle details collated from the RTOs and DTOs across the country.
  • With VAHAN, you can access the vehicle details of any vehicle by registration number or number plate from any states and Union Territories of the country.
  • However, one cannot access the details of the vehicle or the owner using their Aadhar card or PAN number since the documents contain personal information of the owner.
  • You can also now access the details of your driving license from Parivahan - a centralised online motor vehicle service, instead of going to your nearest RTO.
  • To get the details of your driving license, visit the homepage of Parivahan and select your respective state in which you have applied for your driving license, then select ‘Driving Licence’. Select ‘Apply Online’ and click on ‘Application Status’. In the directed screen, enter your application number and date of birth and click on ‘Submit’ to know the status of your application.
  • VAHAN allows you to not just access, but also update your personal information on the website such as mobile number, transfer of ownership, etc.
  • The website guards your privacy and does not disclose your personal information such as addresses to other vehicle owners.

Why or when would you need the details of a vehicle owner?

With two-wheelers or four-wheelers being the most preferred mode of transport, it has also exponentially increased the purchase and selling of the vehicles - both new and old. With that being the case, it can get a little difficult to monitor road traffic and keep track of all the vehicles on the road and trace their details in case of a mishap. Some of the instances of why and when we would need the details of a vehicle owner are in case of an accident or hit and run case, incase of purchasing a secondhand vehicle, or an RTO inspection.

The Government of India has made the details of the vehicle owners public through VAHAN only for ease of access during such situations. So, it is our prime responsibility as the citizens of the country to use the information responsibly.

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