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How to carry your car insurance policy while relocating? | Chola MS

While shifting, we always tend to miss out on a few things. It gets really hectic to manage all the chaos that ensues. From moving the furniture to organising your new house, you have a list of things to do.

Between all of this, most of us forget a thing of utmost importance: updating information on your car insurance policy. If one forgets to do this, there is a risk of renewing your policy and settling claims.

Although your car insurance is valid all over India, even during transit, it’s always better to inform your insurer beforehand regarding a change in your address. Always keep in mind that details of car insurance schemes differ from city to city. For example, metro cities charge you more than smaller towns. So use these following tips and be sure to inform the insurer about a change in your address:

Update about address

It is essential to update your insurance company regarding the change in your address. This makes sure that all the documents and communication regarding your policy reaches you on time. Updating your change in address also helps in your policy renewal and change in premium.

Information regarding re-registration

It’s always better to get your vehicle a locally registered number if you are planning to stay in this new town for more than 12 months. Your re-registration process will want a ‘No objection certificate’ from the road transport authority that was handling it previously. Be sure to inform your car insurance provider so that it is listed in your records.

Chain of cashless garages

Even though your car insurance claim will be applicable throughout India, a cashless claim will be possible only at the garages that are under the insurer’s network. Hence, it is crucial to have information regarding the services in your new city.

Cover and premiums

It can be possible that your premium would not change. In case you are moving to a non-metro city, you can also save on the premium as it is less expensive compared to a metro city.

Upgrading your cover

You could also consider upgrading to a comprehensive plan from a third-party insurance cover. This ensures that you are covered.

It’s always better to do quick research when you are shifting to a new city. Talk to your insurance provider and get all the necessary documents updated.

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