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Your car is speaking to you! When is it telling you that it needs to be serviced?

Owning a car can be a lot of responsibility - it involves care & commitment. It needs to be fed, cleaned, and taken care of. Hearing that smooth hum of the engine is a reward in itself, and it’s your car’s way of letting you know that it’s in tip-top shape. But how do you know when your car requires service? Will your car be able to communicate this to you somehow? You just need to pay attention to these warning signs. Read on to know more!

1.Flashing lights on the dashboard

This is the most obvious way in which your car tells you that it needs to be checked. Your car’s dashboard has little indicators to alert you when it’s in trouble, and a flashing ‘check engine’ light is never a good sign. It is usually an indication that there is something wrong with your engine and needs to be checked sooner rather than later.

2.Leaking fluids

If there is fluid leaking from your car, the first step is to check for the colour of the fluid to identify if it’s a problem or not. Heat and humidity can often cause some water leakage, and so if the fluid looks like water, you have nothing to worry about - it’s just your car trying to handle the heat. However, if the fluid is green or brown, it could be an indication of leaking coolant or oil, and requires immediate attention.


Smoke emanating from your car is never a good sign, and it is your car’s way of telling you that it needs to go in for a checkup ASAP. While the reasons may vary from a clogged filter to a leaking head gasket, a smoking engine is not common and indicates that your car is critical and in need of immediate assistance.

Smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe is not uncommon - in fact, your car sometimes lets out a little smoke from the exhaust when you start the engine. Excessive smoke from the exhaust, however, is cause for concern. If you notice that the smoke emanating from the exhaust is more than usual, or if it is black, it’s best to take your car to the mechanic.

4.Unusual noises

The low hum of the engine, while you’re driving, is your car reassuring you that everything is okay. Any sound other than the usual sound of the engine - like a squeal, whining, or groaning, is your car telling you that something is not quite right.

A squealing sound when you press the brakes is usually a sign of worn out brake pads, and it is advisable to get them checked by a mechanic before they cause serious problems later. Loud whining or groaning from your car could indicate a problem with the car engine or battery, and you should get them looked at immediately to avoid your car stalling at inopportune times.

5.Shuddering or vibrating

If your car shows signs of shuddering or vibrating while driving, it is time to get it checked by a mechanic. The vibrating can be due to several reasons - it could be a problem with the wheels, the tyres, or a problem with the engine. Your car shuddering, much like a person shuddering, is a sign that it is not okay and needs to get a consultation.

Owning a car might seem like high maintenance, especially when you have no clue what to do when it acts up. But there is no need to worry - your car has ways of letting you know when it needs to be checked or serviced. You just have to look out for these warning signs, and then it’s smoother, safer and better Life On wheels. Also have a look at Car Insurance policy provided by Chola MS for avoiding risks and uncertainties.

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