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Hacks To Speed Up Your Car insurance Claim Process

Accidents, the very reason why we purchase car insurance. No matter how carefully you drive, car accidents could likely happen even when it is not your fault. For instance, due to negligent driving, another car from behind could collide with your car and cause significant damage to your car. This may cause a lot of stress for you. What is even more stressful is the tedious claim process. Luckily if you have a reliable car insurance company, the claim process will be hassle-free and the claim can be made within the shortest possible time.

Here are some tips that could speed up your car insurance claim process.

Collect Information

The first thing to do is to gather as much information as possible from the accident scene. The more the details you collect, the easier it will be for your insurance company to process the claim

● Name, contact number and address of all the occupants/motorists involved in the accident.

● Name, contact number and address of all the witnesses.

● Exchange insurance information with the other driver(s) involved in the accident.

Take Photos

The next important step is to document the accident scene. Before the vehicles are moved out, take clear pictures from every possible angle. The photograph should show all the damages made to your car, other cars involved in the accident and injuries caused to the driver and occupants (if any). Having photographs of the accident scene will certainly speed up the claim process.

Obtain a First Investigation Report (FIR)

Report the accident to the nearest police station and provide all the details the law enforcement officer asks for. Do not hide or fake anything. It will only cause you trouble. Obtain the FIR copy and keep it safe. You may need to submit it to the insurer for processing the claim.

Inform Your Insurer Immediately

The sooner you inform the insurer the easier it will be for them to initiate the claim process. Some reputed insurance companies have dedicated online portals, helpline numbers, apps, etc... to submit the claims. Make sure to submit all the relevant details as accurately as possible.  Any missing information can hinder the process and might delay the claim settlement.

Be Honest and Responsive

Once you have submitted the claim, the insurance company will assign a surveyor to inspect and assess the damages caused to your vehicle. Provide him/her with the requested information as transparently as possible. If the insurer finds out that you have lied, your claim will be rejected and there are higher chances of levying a high penalty that will cost you dearly. Be honest. Insurers have a lot of experience in this area and they can easily find out the truth.

Insurance companies want to keep their policyholders happy, so settling claims is a priority for them. When you respond to them quickly and provide them all the required information that they have asked for, your claim process can actually be a breeze! For hassle-free car insurance checkout Cholamandalam car insurance.

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