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Do you love your car as much as your life?

Securing your car against damage will automatically secure you. Do you have a good car insurance plan?

Most people go through life thinking that if they drive safely, no harm will befall them. However, an accident may still take place despite one’s best precautions. Somebody may collide with your car while jaywalking, another car may ram you unexpectedly, even a sudden storm may uproot a tree that lands on your car.

At such times, you will be really lucky to escape unhurt. In the rare event that you are injured, or worse, dead, there must be a way to pay for the damages and your hospitalisation. Or it may happen that your negligence may cause injury to another person. Even in this case, you should be adequately protected.

This protection comes in the guise of ‘car insurance’. Car insurance will safeguard you against accidents, both manmade and natural catastrophes.

“I did not have car insurance when my car collided with another car last year,” says Jayesh Mehta (27). “It was my mistake and I had to pay for the damages to both my and the other person’s car. It set me back a lot of money, but I learnt a valuable lesson. I now have adequate car insurance that covers third party claims also.”

Naveen Soni (33) was more circumspect when he purchased his car a year ago. “I took a good car insurance policy at the time of buying the car. And I was very thankful I did that – just a few months later, I was out on holiday in Ratnagiri and there was a huge amount of rain. The river close to where I was staying swelled up and overflowed onto the streets. My car was completely ruined.” His car insurance helped him pay for refurbishing the car completely. “Without car insurance, I would have to actually borrow money to get my car repaired,” he says.

More than just the costs of paying for repairs and damages to the vehicle itself, having car insurance helps a person tide over the huge hospital bills in case of an accident. “My car insurance took care of my hospital expenses when I had an accident and broke both my legs. I was not able to work for two months and my car was a mess,” remembers Rupesh Salian (45). “My insurance also paid for the motorcyclist who rammed into my car and caused me to swerve into a wall,” he adds.

Premier insurance providers like Chola MS are quick to redress grievances and settle claims. These companies also cover a range of eventualities under one car insurance policy – from medical to car damage. Ashfaque Sheikh (55), who has a comprehensive car insurance policy from Chola MS, points out that his insurance cover helped him when his car was stolen outside his office a few months ago. “My claim was verified and settled with minimum fuss,” he recalls. “It is important to partner with a good insurance provider because car insurance is a huge investment that also takes personal safety into account.”

* The characters in this article are fictional and have been used for illustrative purposes.

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