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Get Car Smart by Protecting Your Tyres and Wheels

One of the most common problems that are reported widely - Car Theft.

However, sometimes your car might be vulnerable to another type of theft that doesn’t get reported. Did you know that car tyres, wheels, and rims are often worth thousands to thieves? Even the car alarm system may not be able to stop an experienced team of thieves who can get the wheels off, leaving your car and you stranded. Awareness is your first defense, so reduce your risk of wheel and tyre theft now  before you become a victim.

Car thieves typically work in a group. An experienced group working in tandem can remove all four wheels in under ten minutes if all goes well as plan. As a car owner, your main goal would be to create barriers to hinder such removal or make it more difficult and time-consuming.

Some smart tips for prevention are as follows

1. Always try to park your car in a closed garage. A garage works as a barrier that has to be bypassed and this can usually cause time delays and will be hard to elevate the car without alerting the people in the house / building.

2. A car alarm that includes sensors attached to the wheels is another option. This installation will aid in detecting when the car gets titled and the sensors will trigger the alarm to ring if the wheels get tampered with.

3. When out in public try and park your car in a busy area. The more car or foot traffic in the area, the lesser the likelihood of anyone trying to steal, as the risk of detection would be high.

4. Turn your wheels when parking. This is another preventive measure that will make it harder for the thieves to remove them. The car’s steering column lock makes it hard for them to turn the wheels forward again without the key in the ignition.

5. Wheel locks, use them on each wheel. The lock will fit on each wheel making it difficult to remove without a key. These locks greatly reduce the risk of getting your car wheels stolen. This is worth it if your car will be parked in the slot for a longer period of time.

Car owners do spend on customising or adding a little special something to their vehicles. Some of them spend time choosing fancy rims, alloy wheels, hubcaps and tyres. This can be for multiple reasons including performance or aesthetics. These customisations definitely add individualisation and personal value to your car. Unfortunately, these improvements can also draw attention and attract car thieves to your vehicle. They may think there is greater resale value for such items or even consider making money off it as scrap. Either way, that could mean a loss for you. The first step is to be aware that this can happen to you. The second step is to get your wheels and tyres insured against theft. There are a plethora of smart options available in the market. Spend some time to research them and take the necessary precautions for your precious vehicle and enjoy a stress-free Life On Wheels.

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