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Follow These Tips To Safeguard Your Car From Theft

Cars are very expensive and there is an increasing number of car owners today. Some people also own more than one car. One key concern of car owners is to safeguard the vehicle from theft. There are various ways to prevent a car from being stolen. Follow these simple steps to reduce the chances of your vehicle getting stolen.

The Key to Safety

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) advises people to never leave car keys in the ignition. Sometimes one might just need to run to a store for a minute and might think that leaving the key in the car will not do any harm. A thief can easily use that opportunity to steal the car. Even if you leave the car in your parking with the key in the ignition a thief can easily gain entry into it and drive off. Always remember to lock your car while stepping out of your car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) even recommends never leave the spare key near the car as the thieves know exactly where to look.

Ring an Alarm

Install an alarm for your car. These days one can even get notified via mobile phone if there is any suspicious movement near the vehicle, via motion sensor alarms that trigger alert via an app. Whether it is an old-school alarm system that can be noisy enough for neighbours to hear or an app controlled one, alarms can be effective in scaring thieves away.

Anti-Theft Device

Anti-Theft devices are very useful to safeguard your vehicle from getting stolen. Steering locks/ gear locks are easy to use and difficult to steal. One can have anti-theft devices approved by the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) and avail special discounts on the insurance premiums. Check with your insurance provider to know what devices to install.

Track the Car

Tracking systems are also known as vehicle recovery systems. With its wireless or GPS, it will help the police find the location of the car after it is stolen which will eventually help in recovering the vehicle.

The Immobilizer

An engine immobilizer can be installed for your four-wheeler. The car will start only if the right code (transponder or smart key) is there. It mainly prevents thieves from hot-wiring the vehicle.


Installing CCTV cameras in the garage and around the house will protect the house as well as the car. Make sure the car is visible in the camera and does not fall in a blind spot. Even if someone tries stealing the car, identifying the thief would be easy.

Aware and Alert

As owners of a vehicle, it is very important to be alert and aware of your surroundings. Check the surroundings while parking a car and always double-check if you have locked the car before leaving it.

After taking all the precautions, the final and most important step is to buy good insurance with decent coverage for your car like Own Damage Car Insurance, Comprehensive Car Insurance, etc. These insurance plans cover expenses if a car is stolen. Remember to inform your insurance provider within 24 hours after the theft. To know more about car insurance plans click here!

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