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Five Ways You Can Get Better Audio Quality In Your Car

Your car is a safe space where you can belt out your favourite songs at the top of your voice. However, many car owners seem to endure the mediocre sound quality in their cars - well, you shouldn’t.

If you’re a working professional, chances are your vehicle is where you spend a great deal of time, especially when you get caught in traffic during peak hours. Your favourite song playing in the background from a high-quality audio system can make the experience more tolerable.

Want to amp up your car’s audio? Here’s how!

1.Invest in good speakers

The speakers your vehicle comes fitted with are usually mediocre at best. Car manufacturers don’t pay too much attention to the quality of the speakers - the most they look at is the sound.

Fit your vehicle with great quality speakers - the smoother frequency and lesser distortion can make your car cabin feel like a mini-concert.

A few great speaker brands you can install in your car are JBL, Pioneer, and Kicker.

2.Upgrade your head unit

As you upgrade your car’s speakers, go ahead and upgrade the head unit of your car’s stereo system as well. If your vehicle is fitted with mediocre speakers, your stereo system is most likely basic as well.

A state-of-the-art stereo system can enhance your sound quality in your car. Brands such as Pioneer, Sony, and Kicker offer new and improved head units that can make listening to music an immersive experience.

Choose one with a built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) of high quality -relying on your phone’s DAC can distort the sound quality. A high-quality DAC can enhance your car’s sound quality by a mile.

3.Choose higher-quality audio files

In an age of streaming and Bluetooth, cassettes and CDs are practically unheard of. CDs are known to have the best sound quality, but due to the lack of portability and reduced usage, a USB flash drive is your best bet.

However, mp3 files stored in your USB are usually compressed - thereby degrading the sound quality. The smaller the audio file, the higher the compression. Make sure to download files of lower compression or a lossless format to experience your music at its best.

4.Invest in an amplifier and equalizer

If you are someone who likes to experience the deep, thumping bass of the music, we recommend investing in additional components such as an amplifier and equalizer.

Adding an amplifier to your car audio system will add more power to your speakers than what your head unit can provide - giving you a clearer and cleaner sound. A standalone equalizer will give you the power to control the sound and shape it to your liking. Equipping your car with both will give you an unbelievable music experience, you wouldn’t want to leave your car.

5.Use sound damping materials

The speakers installed in your car doors can cause a lot of vibration, affecting the quality of the sound and spoiling the experience.

You can install sound damping materials, like insulation sheets, damping mats, or spray foams to absorb the vibrations and reduce loud noises from outside the car. This improves the quality of car audio and reduces external interference to give you the ultimate musical experience.

While all these components can greatly improve your car’s audio quality, you don’t have to make all these upgrades at once. Adding all these individual pieces of equipment to your car can get expensive, so it would be best to upgrade each component individually over a span of time.

6.Does this affect my car insurance?

While equipping your car with a state-of-the-art sound system makes the driving experience more fun, it can also affect your car insurance. Modifications like this can increase your car insurance premium, so it would be better to check with your insurance provider and get a clear picture of how this would affect your car insurance before upgrading your sound system.

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