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5 Safety tips while refueling your car

Did you know if you are not alert while refueling your car it can potentially lead to a fire at the petrol bunk?  One needs to take some safety measures while refueling your car at fuel stations. One needs to think beyond the obvious to be safe in such a potentially dangerous place.

In this article, we will help you out! Here are some fuel station precautions that you must observe for a safe refueling experience:

Kids safety first

It is of utmost importance that kids are under supervision at the petrol bunk. Often, there are large vehicles refuelling at petrol stations. It is important to instruct kids to remain in a safe place while refueling.

Safety should not be taken lightly as fuel stations can quickly turn into a dangerous place due to high levels of stored fuel.

Press the engine kill switch

Once you enter the petrol bunk be sure to turn off the car engine before an attendant begins refueling your vehicle. This is a safety measure that should never be taken for granted, even though no major cases of accidents have been reported regarding not killing the engine.

One cannot deny the possibility that fuel can dribble through the nozzle and pose a threat of fire. Thus, do consider switching off the car’s engine as a precaution.

Stay away from fire

A petrol bunk is filled with tons and tons of combustibles that pose a considerable if not massive threat of ignition. Thus, it is a very obvious precaution that you should not use anything or an item that could start a fire.

This goes without saying but don’t smoke at a fuel pump, don’t play with the lighter, don’t light a matchstick, don’t let kids use the magnifying glass, and so on. If there is any potential item that can cause a fire. Keep them away while refueling.

Turn off your cell phone

It is scientifically proven that cell phones emit radiation. The device may heat up on a sunny day and pose a threat of fire, and this could prove to be highly dangerous at a fuel station.

Always be sure to switch your phone off before you enter the petrol pump or at least avoid using it while you are inside the bunk.

Tips that will save your life

Always have a holistic approach towards taking precautions at a fuel station. One thing to remember is to avoid filling any extra fuel in containers by placing them inside the car.

Avoid creating static electricity, it can create sparks and light a fire. Touch a metal bar in case you observe the presence of static electricity. Also, in case a fire breaks out at a fuel pump try to leave the spot as soon as possible.

Some other things to remember

→  Do not forget, if you stepped out and placed any items (wallet, cards, phone, keys) on top of the vehicle while refuelling, check and clear surfaces before driving off.

→ Double check and close the lid of the fuel tank after refueling.

Be aware of your surroundings and make sure you take precautions to ensure your safety and that of others while at a petrol station.

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