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Digilocker - Way to store vehicle documents digitally

In India, as per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it is mandatory to carry all your vehicle-related documents when driving. It gets cumbersome to carry all documents all the time. This can also increase the risk of misplacing them, which is why now the ministry has authorized and recognised the validity of electronic versions of vehicle documents stored in DigiLocker. Here’s a list of documents that can be stored digitally and are also compulsory to carry -

● Registration Card: This is the most important document as it allows you to legally drive in India

● Driving License: Not having this is a punishable offense in the country

● PUC (Pollution Under Control): A mandatory document that tells that your vehicle emits gas as per the standards set by authorities

● Car/Bike Insurance: Insuring your vehicle is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1998. The driver should always carry this with them in case of any unforeseeable circumstances.

Legal authorization from the ministry means that traffic police will now recognize these documents as valid even on the DigiLocker. In the case of bike/car insurance, the expiration date of the vehicle’s insurance policy will be updated automatically and will then be reflected in the DigiLocker. This means that vehicle owners are no longer required to carry hard copies of their vehicle’s insurance policy with them. Linking every important document to the Digilocker is a great way to easily access documents whenever needed and hassle-free since it minimizes the paperwork.

Though one should keep in mind that uploading documents on the DigiLocker can be time-consuming as the application is slow, it takes some time for the documents to reflect in the application. Here is a 6 step guide that will help you upload documents easily -

You can follow these steps to get your PUC uploaded in this digital locker-

● Sign in to the Digilocker website by entering your username/password or your Aadhar number/password or even your mobile number.

● Enter the OTP received on the phone and secure your user ID and password.

● Link your Aadhar to the Digilocker, this is an important step as until these two aren’t linked the DigiLocker will not allow you to get your documents.

● After this, you can explore the application, fill out the necessary fields, and upload the required documents one by one.

In case you have to download a document that is stored in the DigiLocker, you can -

● Sign in and enter OTP to secure your User ID and password.

● Click on Issued documents and select Partners’ names.

● After that select the document type and enter your Registration number

● Then click on the get document button, post this, the document will be linked to your Digilocker account

● This document once linked can also be downloaded

Having these documents uploaded and handy can save you from surprise inspection or in case of accidents/theft or damage to your vehicle. A great way to minimize work when it comes to uploading insurance documents is to avail of online bike/car insurance. This is because the insurance provider will share a soft copy with you on your registered email ID at the time of purchase, which can be easily linked to the DigiLocker. Check out Chola’s online car/ bike insurance in digilocker.

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