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CNG Kits for Cars – Points to Keep in Mind

Many people own cars these days and maintaining vehicles is rather expensive. Petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing and not to mention the extent to which fuel emissions are affecting the environment. The only two sustainable, ecologically responsible options available for the future are Electric Vehicles or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) kits. EVs are not affordable in which case, CNG kits help. One can either buy a new car with a CNG kit or install it in the existing car. Let us look at the benefits and some important points to consider while installing CNG kits.

Benefits of Installing a CNG Kit

● Safer, cleaner, and environmentally friendly than other fuels and leaves less carbon footprint

● CNG is almost impossible to adulterate, unlike petrol and diesel. A car that is not adulterated has a lower chance of risk

● In the long run, one would be saving money. CNG has high fuel efficiency and low running costs

● Due to high auto-ignition temperature, the chances of your car catching fire is minimum

CNG Kit May Not Be Compatible with All Cars

● Your existing car may not be compatible to have a CNG kit, especially if it is an old model

● If you buy a new car, make sure it is designed to accept fuel customization

● One would need to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and make changes in the Registration Card (RC)

● The fuel type must be changed from petrol/diesel to CNG in the RC book

● The car can be used after all the approvals are cleared and documents are changed

High Maintenance

● If you decide to install a CNG kit in your car, always buy only from an authorised dealer

● Installing and maintaining a CNG kit is expensive but, keep in mind that it is a one-time investment

● One would be required to take their CNG vehicle to the garage often for its maintenance

Low Availability

● Remember that CNG gas stations are very minimal and finding one is difficult

● Before deciding to install a CNG kit consider the availability and distance of gas stations

● If you find a gas station, one might have to wait in a long queue before refueling their vehicle

Car Insurance

● If you buy Comprehensive Car Insurance for your new car, the RTO will register details accordingly in the RC book and the insurance provider will decide insurance premiums based on that

● Changing the type of fuel in your existing car can affect the insurance premium. The cost of insurance for cars with a CNG is higher since the cost of maintenance is higher

● Inform your insurance provider if you change the fuel type of the insured vehicle

● When a claim is made if the details of the car do not match, there are high chances of claim rejections

CNG kits are gaining popularity in many cities due to the ease of being able to install them into petrol or diesel vehicles. One need not necessarily buy a new vehicle for it but, just remember to get the approval from the RTO and inform your insurance provider about the changes made. Click here to know more about available car insurance plans!

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