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Car Care Tips For Winter Season

Winter is here! While we usually wait for this time of the year to enjoy the holidays and pleasant weather, it also calls for extra care not only for ourselves but also for our cars. Yes, just like how we use sweaters, jackets and gloves to keep ourselves warm, we need to take some extra effort to protect our cars from the harsh winter. Else the cold temperature can affect your car in many ways. To enjoy a safe and trouble-free driving experience, we recommend you to keep the following things in mind during the winter season.

Warm Up Your Car

During winters, it takes time for the engine oil to reach all the moving parts. So it is recommended to start the engine and idle it for a minute or two so that the parts are well lubricated before you begin to drive. For the first few kilometers drive in low RPM and don’t rev the engine hard. This way you can reduce the wear and tear of the engine to a great extent.


Battery plays a critical role in functioning your car’s engine and electrical. The fluid present inside the car’s battery will become thick during winters. This will affect the efficiency of the current flow. You can check the battery’s health by doing a simple Volt test either by yourself or by seeking professional help. Depending on the battery condition, either service it or replace it with a new one.

Engine Oil and Coolant

Check the engine oil level in your car and if it is due for a change, change it as soon as possible. Check the owner’s manual and see if your carmaker allows you to use a wider grade viscosity of oil (5W-40 instead of 15W-40). Oil with lower viscosity will circulate faster in the engine than oil with high viscosity. Likewise, coolant too plays an important role in warming your engine. When you use the car’s heater, the coolant circulates the air into the cabin and warms the air that’s blown through the AC ducts.


During morning drives, wipers and windshield washer fluid will be used frequently. Check the rubber in the wiper blades, if they are worn out, replace them else it will leave streaks and may not clean the windshield properly. Also, check the washer fluid level, if they are low top it up. On the inside, demist the windscreen by turning on the AC and set a warmer temperature. Make sure to change the air-flow setting to the windscreen.

Tyre Pressure

Air works on a simple principle. When the temperature rises, it expands and contracts when it drops. As the temperature drops during winter, it is important to check the tyre pressure at regular intervals. Maintaining an ideal Pound Per Square Inch (PSI) will increase the longevity of your tyre and will deliver better fuel efficiency.

That’s it! We hope the above points will help you to protect your car from the winter season. Go ahead and enjoy the long drives and the pleasant weather. Happy holidays from all of us here at Chola MS  - Cholamandalam car insurance.

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