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No Time for Car Insurance? Buy Online!

A total of 60% to 75% of four wheelers that we see on the roads at any given point in time are usually not insured! This shocking fact was revealed in a newspaper feature in March 2013. With the frequency of accidents increasing in leaps and bounds, opting for car insurance should need to be a legal requirement – it is just common sense.

Remember, accidents are unexpected and avoiding them altogether is indeed impossible. Therefore, the least you can do is to apply for comprehensive vehicle insurance that can take care of the associated expenditure and secure your family’s finances in times of crisis.

Is Buying Car Insurance Time Consuming?

It could be if you’ve chosen the longer route for getting car insurance! For instance, if you prefer arranging meetings with agents representing different companies or plan to visit their offices for detailed discussions before you buy, the process could take several weeks or more. Bur why put in all this effort, time and expense of travelling when you can get all the information you need plus compare quotes right from the comfort of your home?

Yes, online is simple and reliable. All you need to do is seek quotes from prominent insurance providers, fill in forms online, carry out a comparative analysis and choose the vehicle insurance policy that suits you the best.

Advantages of Buying Car Insurance Online

Buying car insurance online online, apart from saving you a whole lot of time and effort, could prove to be advantageous in various ways, such as:

  • Cash Saving: Buying insurance online provides for additional savings. The quotes are provided for free and you can actually ask for as many as you please. There are no obligations for purchase either! Hence, choosing a cost effective and well suited car insurance policy is relatively easier when you make online purchases.
  • Giving Pushy Agents a Miss: The role of insurance agents may not always prove to be helpful. Often, agents could prove to be pushy and may even have vested interests in suggesting a particular policy to you. When you buy online, it offers you the scope of choosing your policies on the basis of hard facts alone, No interference or biased suggestions from agents.
  • Requests Processed Instantly: Most insurers process requests for car insurance instantly. While the online copy is generated then and there, the hard copy is couriered to the policy holder within days. No waiting and no braving the queues for this one.

And, it is also reassuring to learn that purchasing car insurance online does not pose any safety threats. Most online platforms keep your personal information confidential and use only the safest payment gateways.

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