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Benefits Of Buying Electric Vehicles In India

From steam-powered engines to fuel-driven ones - the automobile industry has advanced a lot over the years in terms of technology and development. And the only way to move is forward. The latest advancement in the world of automobiles is the shift to electric vehicles - an eco-friendly option for transport.

Here are some reasons you should consider opting for an electric car

1. Environmentally friendly

This is one of the main benefits of electric cars. Electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions which can help reduce pollution and therefore your carbon footprint. It also significantly improves the air quality - especially in cities.

2. Avoid the fuel price hikes

The fuel prices have increased significantly over the last two years, and show no signs of going down. In addition to protecting the environment, switching to electric cars can also protect your wallet from the high rates for fuel, making it a cost-effective option.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

While your conventional fuel-powered vehicles may require regular oil changes and engine repair, the cost of maintaining an electric car is minimal. The motor, battery, and electrical components associated with an electric vehicle require little to no maintenance.

4. Charge conveniently from the comfort of your home

Ever found yourself waiting behind a long queue of cars at a petrol bunk during peak hours? Taken a detour on your way to work to get an emergency refill? This inconvenience is avoided by switching to an electric vehicle.

With an electric car, you can simply plug in your vehicle and charge it from the convenience of your home. All it takes is 4-5 hours to fully charge, and you’re ready for the day. Many fast-charging electric vehicles are appearing on the market, where you can have your vehicle fully charged within an hour.

5. Easy to drive

If you have trouble maneuvering the gears in your car or find it overwhelming, you should consider opting for an electric vehicle. Electric cars don’t operate on gear mechanisms but rather buttons and pedals. The added pressure of switching gears at the right time is eliminated, so you can go cruising down the highways effortlessly with total control.

6. They make no noise

Your car sometimes becomes your space to think, especially if you’re driving alone. Having that time to yourself is essential, but can be interrupted if your car makes a lot of noise.

One benefit of electric cars is that they’re very silent as they have no engine under the hood. It gives you peace of mind and makes those long rides much more enjoyable.

7. Government incentives

While knowing you’re contributing to a cleaner environment is a reward in itself, you can get rewarded by the government for buying an electric car. In its attempt to curb pollution, the Delhi Government has launched an “Electric Vehicle Policy” which waives off registration fees and road tax for electric vehicles for three years. In addition to this, the new policy also provides incentives up to Rs.1.5 lakhs for owning an electric vehicle.

With several benefits and ever-advancing technology, electric cars seem to be the future and a wise choice to invest in.

Much like your conventional vehicles, you will have to get your electric vehicles insured. There is no specialised insurance for electric cars as of now, but that can change soon. In the meantime, ensure that you and your car are protected by taking a general car insurance policy that best suits your needs.

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