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Worried about running a BS4 vehicle on BS6 fuel? Here's what you need to know!

You must have been tired of hearing the word BS6 off late. Indian auto industry has leapfrogged to BS6 from April 1, 2020. Yes, we have skipped BS5 and jumped straight to BS6 from BS4 in a very short time. This has put so much pressure on both automakers as well as oil companies. It is like needing 36 runs to win from 6 balls.

So what exactly is BS6? Bharat Stage 6 is an emission norm mandated by the Indian Government to further reduce the pollution levels from automobiles. This will bring the emission norms on par with USA and European countries. One of the main reasons for this jump was the rapid increase in the number of vehicles and the alarming air quality levels (despite the stringent existing norms) across cities in India which might harm the health of the people.

Under BS6, oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) levels will reduce by 25 percent in petrol engines and a sharp 68 percent in diesel engines. Particulate Matter (PM) levels will also be down by a massive 82 percent in diesel engines. BS6 fuel will contain lower sulphur content. 10 mg/kg sulphur vis-a-vis 50 mg/kg sulphur in BS4.

A BS4 petrol vehicle can run on BS6 fuel with no problems whatsoever. But a BS4 diesel vehicle might face issues in the long run. Generally, the sulphur content in a diesel engine works as a lubricant for fuel injectors. As the BS6 fuel has lesser sulphur content, this might cause trouble to the fuel injectors and lead to early wear resulting in incomplete combustion in the long run. Is there a solution? Well, few experts say that adding additives could help the lubrication of fuel injectors and might well improve the efficiency of the diesel engines.

To sum up, you need not worry if you are using a petrol car irrespective of it being a BS4 or BS6. But, if you are having a BS4 diesel car and using BS6 diesel, it might affect your engine performance in the long run which could also result in an increase in emissions. The very purpose of moving to BS6 will be lost in this case.

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