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All You Must Know About E-Challan Tickets

In India, everything is getting digitized. This has been a boon especially since the time of Covid-19 when the thought of having to stand in a queue is a nightmare. Everyone prefers paying online as it is convenient and there is a record or payment. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) began issuing E-Challans as a way of keeping up with technology that makes the process quick and simplified. This blog aims to help you understand more about traffic fines and how to settle these fines.

What is an E-Challan?

A challan is an official paper issued to a person who violates traffic rules. As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the one who gets the challan is required to pay a penalty/fine depending on the violation. E-Challan is the same document issued electronically by the Traffic Police for traffic violators. This method is convenient as well as transparent. It is effective and one can pay their fines online or offline.

How Does It Work?

● There are several CCTV cameras installed around the city to monitor traffic. If the Enforcement Officer finds someone violating traffic rules, they will note down the vehicle number and get details of the driver from the Vahan or Sarathi database

● The Enforcement Officer will issue an E-Challan based on the violation which will be sent as an SMS or letter to the driver’s registered mobile number

● One can either pay online by scanning the QR code or pay by cash at the RTO

Violations That Would Get You an E-Challan

● Driving past a red light

● Traveling without a ticket in a public transport

● Disobedience or refusal to share details when asked by an authority

● Driving an unauthorised vehicle

● Driving without a license

● Over-speeding

● Racing

● Drunk driving

● Driving an uninsured vehicle

● Driving when mentally/physically unfit to drive

● Violation of road regulation

● Obstructing way for emergency vehicles

● Obstructing Traffic

How to Settle E-Challan Tickets?

Vahan Jankari Portal

o Visit the Vahan Jankari page and click “E-Challan Jankari” section

o Add your vehicle or select the added vehicle if already added

o Select your challan and click “Pay Now”

o Use Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking to complete payment

Parivahan Portal

o Visit the Parivahan page and challan payment page

o Enter your challan number or vehicle number

o Add the Captcha code

o Click on “Get Detail” and you will receive details about the E-Challan

o Click on “Pay Now”

o Use your preferred online payment mode to finish the payment

Offline Payment

o Visit the Traffic Police Department, provide E-Challan details along with other required details, make a payment and collect the receipt

o Scan the barcode in the E-challan at the Post Office, E-Seva centre, or Traffic Police Headquarters

o Pay through cheque, demand draft, or pay the order in the name of the City Traffic Police and deliver it to the headquarters

It is always better to be on the right side of the law and obey the rules. Receiving an E-challan and having to pay it should be avoided. Drive safely and always make sure you have insurance to cover you and the third party in case of any unfortunate incident. Get a proper cover that will protect you financially. For information about the right car insurance policies for your vehicle click here!

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