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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Car Insurance from Your Car Dealer

Every car owner must at the least insure third-party liabilities if they wish to legally ply on busy roads. As a first-time car buyer, people resort to buying an insurance policy offered by the car dealer. Firstly, they are new to buying vehicles, and secondly, it saves their time and efforts from perusing different quotes, analysing the company's credibility, visiting the branch office, etc. However, are you sure it is the right insurance policy for you?

Let’s jump onto why buying your car insurance policy from a car dealer is not the right decision.

Drawbacks of Buying Insurance from the Car Dealer

No Policy Comparison

Today, comparing different insurance quotes is not a dreary task; you can easily compare and choose the best suited insurance policy online. Instead of relying on the plan recommended by your car dealer, you can search, compare, and buy car insurance online without going through the long, offline process.

Neither an agent nor a car dealer can identify the ideal insurance plan for you; only you can understand which add-ons you need or identify which quote is affordable. When you choose to buy car insurance from your car dealer, they do not offer you a variety of policies, hence you need to go with what is provided by them.

Lack of Flexibility

Car dealers tie-up with an insurance company and only provide the policies that are offered by that particular insurer. You do not have the privilege of choosing your preferred insurance company.

Also, the rigidity in the process stops you from opting for the add-on covers you might need, in fact, the add-ons they offer are not even necessary. Car dealers have a prearranged deal with a particular company to only sell their policy to first-time car buyers.

Missing Digital-First Insurance

When you buy an insurance plan from a car dealer, you miss out on the advantages involved in buying a policy from digital-first insurance providers. There are multiple benefits of buying car insurance online, for example:

1. Zero involvement of an agent, meaning cost-effectiveness.

2. You can do thorough research about insurance companies and their quotes.

3. A hassle-free claim settlement experience.

4. As it is an online process, it requires less paperwork.

5. Choosing your policy based on analysis and not under an agent’s influence.

It is always better to make an informed decision, especially when something assures coverage in return for an annual premium.

We, at Chola MS, have varied car insurance policies and a range of add-on covers. We extend our services at both, online and offline touchpoints.

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