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Car Insurance Tips

  • We love your car as much as you do

    Chola MS has the perfect car insurance plans mapped out for you – because when you have a car, you have to treat it with love and respect!

    In today’s times, owning a car is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity with people working long hours at the office and needing their own vehicle to commute. Also, as people earn more and become upwardly mobile in society, a car becomes necessary to take the family around or to run quick shopping errands. Having one’s own car increases one’s mobility and lifts all restrictions on travelling at any time of the day or night.

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  • Do not pay for someone else's mistake

    Somebody’s negligence can cost you your life and income. Take steps to safeguard yourself against motor accidents.

    Deepak Thapliyal* (44) was dropping his son to school when a motorbike suddenly appeared out of nowhere. “I braked at once, but a truck rammed into my car from behind. I also hit the motorcyclist, who was badly injured. I put him in a cab and waited till the cops came,” he says. He adds that he even paid for the motorcyclist’s hospitalisation. “The police took my statement and let me off after they realised it was not my mistake. But my car was very badly broken and I sustained minor injuries as well.”

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  • Do you love your car as much as your life?

    Securing your car against damage will automatically secure you. Do you have a good car insurance plan?

    Most people go through life thinking that if they drive safely, no harm will befall them. However, an accident may still take place despite one’s best precautions. Somebody may collide with your car while jaywalking, another car may ram you unexpectedly, even a sudden storm may uproot a tree that lands on your car.

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  • Are Zero-Deprecation Insurance Policies Worth it?

    Imagine you buy a standard vehicle insurance policy. How much can you get when you make a claim? A standard car insurance policy includes a deduction for depreciation before the insurance company pays you the claim money. For instance, let us assume you incur an expense of Rs 2 lakhs towards repairs of your car. Now, after receiving the claim application, the insurance company will first reduce depreciation. Assuming the depreciation is 30%; you will only get Rs 1.4 lakhs. This means that you need to shell out Rs 60,000 from your own pocket. However, if you have opted for zero-depreciation, you could have saved that amount.

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  • Get More out of your Car Insurance with Add-ons

    Typically, a motor insurance policy will only pay for any direct damages, such as due to an accident. Usually, the replacement of spare-parts is allowed only up to a particular fixed amount in such policies. So, you might have to spend the rest of the amount from your own pocket. And usually, the chunk that you need to pay could be a major share. For instance, may be you would have to replace your vehicle’s windshield. The garage will give you an estimate of Rs 15,000. However, you might not get more than Rs 4,000 from the insurance company. And, such an expense burns a hole in your pocket.

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  • How to Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

    In India, the gap between petrol and diesel prices is narrowing since January 2013, following the deregulation of fuel prices. As a result, buyers are increasingly opting for petrol vehicles over the diesel variants, according to a study conducted by JD Power Asia Pacific in 2014. No matter what type of fuel your car uses, you can improve its fuel efficiency by taking some simple steps. The basics of protecting your four-wheeler also remain the same. You simply cannot afford to skip car insurance.

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  • Little Known Facts about Vehicle Insurance in India

    A minor accident repair from your neighbour mechanic doesn’t come cheap anymore, your bill is sure to run into thousands. As reported by NDTV Profit on August 26, 2014, the Competition Commission of India pulled up fourteen car manufacturers, including Maruti, Ford, Mahindra, Fiat and Honda to name a few, for violating spare parts trading norms via monopolistic market control. Thus, a fine of Rs2,545 was levied, thereby spiking the demand for spare parts in the country to counteract it. Thus, it seems like car repair without vehicle insurance has become unaffordable.

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  • Busting Myths: Only Women Need 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance

    The short film “Going Home” by Vikas Bhal, starring Alia Bhatt went viral over the internet during October, 2014. It shows just how nerve-wracking a late night car break down can be. While the film has a positive note to it, not all women are left lucky. Owning a car is a dream comes true for many, offering ease and comfort. However, at times, it can take a toll on you when your car decides to give way and refuses to restart again, especially on a highway at night or while rushing to a business meeting. While a situation like this can be emotionally traumatic for women, it does not mean that men in a similar situation have it easier.

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  • 5 Most Iconic Cars from English Movies

    Do you remember the movie the “The Italian Job”? While the movie did not make much at the box office, it sure makes an impact in the minds of the car lovers. Everyone remembers the stylish Mini Coopers featured in the movie. So much so that, sales and vehicle insurance renewal of the model spiked immediately, and many copied the look in the film. And who can forget the whimsical Volkswagen Beetle ‘Herbie’ from the movie “The Love Bug”!

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  • Three Things that the New Motor Vehicle Act Proposes

    The first Motor Vehicle Act in India was instilled towards the end of the 19th century. As years passed, the rules became stringent. In June 2014, under the Road Transport Minister NitinGadkari, there were talks to bring in a new Bill that would cover several issues including motor safely, endeavouring to be in line with the international traffic laws and vehicular regulation norms.

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  • 5 of the Toughest Roads in India to Travel

    The poet Robert Frost authored the poem The Road not Taken, he says that the path less travelled is usually the one mingled with risks. Talking about roads, India has the second largest road network in the world, totalling to approximately 4,689,842 kilometres, and a few offer a rather gripping drive, for which all sorts of car insurance is required, irrespective of whether they are less trodden or not.

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  • What You Should Not Do after a Car Accident

    Nobody wants to be in a car accident. Not only does it ruin your entire day, it can also cause serious injuries and even death in some unfortunate cases. Auto accidents, however, are almost inevitable.

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  • Common Motor Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

    Not being honest about one’s driving credentials and other important details is a widespread tendency in individuals opting for motor insurance. Close to 2.5 million lie about their details every year throughout the world, states The Telegraph.

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  • No Time for Car Insurance? Buy Online!

    A total of 60% to 75% of four wheelers that we see on the roads at any given point in time are usually not insured! This shocking fact was revealed in a newspaper feature in March 2013.

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  • Questions to Ask before Buying a Car Insurance Policy

    Did you know that there are dedicated online portals that carry out objective comparisons of car insurance policies, helping you to make an informed decision? And, comparing quotes and cover can actually result in savings of up to 55% on your premiums.

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  • Tips on Buying Car Insurance Online

    Buying car insurance is not just a necessary, it is mandatory. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, you must get your vehicle insured as soon as you buy it. Now that you have parked yourself on the driving seat, it is time to look for the right vehicle insurance policy.

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  • How to Buy Vehicle Insurance on a Budget

    Did you know that simple yet thoughtful measures like installing theft alarms in your car can actually bring down your vehicle insurance premium by 2% to 5%? Similarly, there are various other potent measures that can be undertaken to keep your car insurance budget low. Listed below are some such measures that could indeed prove profitable.

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  • Things to Consider when Buying Commercial Vehicle insurance

    If you own a commercial vehicle, but not a vehicle insurance policy, you have the following facts to consider. According to an article published in March 2013 by Bimabazaar.com, an online insurance knowledge portal from the Insurance Times monthly journal publishers, the number of vehicles on Indian roads has already crossed the 55 million mark.

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  • Tips for Racing Enthusiasts

    There is no greater thrill for a budding car-racer than seeing his first championship trophy or simply gaining an edge in the world of Auto-racing. Auto racing is a simulated sports activity that requires extreme mind focus, concentration and strength. Moreover, it requires special skills and expertise that only a trained and well-educated car-racer can posses. These simple tips can be really useful in honing your skills.

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