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Protect your Car this Monsoon with Car Insurance

Want to secure your car in this monsoon? Check out our blog post on how to protect your car this monsoon and g...

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How to Claim Insurance for a Flood-Damaged Car

Looking for claim process for a flood damaged car? Check out our blog post which will give you an idea about s...

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5 Ways to Reduce the Car Insurance Renewal Cost

Check out the top five effective ways to reduce the car insurance renewal cost. Read our blog post to get more...

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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Items in the Vehicle?

Does Car Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Items in the Vehicle? Check out our blog post today to know more!...

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Everything You Need to Know About Third Party Car Insurance

Want to know about third party car insurance? Get an overview of the aspects covered under third party car ins...

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How to carry your car insurance policy while relocating? | Chola MS

Are you relocating? Have questions like how to carry your car insurance policy while relocating? Check out our...

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Importance of Car Insurance

From being a prominent form of social status, owning a car has now become one of the basic necessities of the ...

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Busting Myths About Buying a Car Insurance

As per the Indian laws, having car insurance is mandatory. Considering the road conditions of our country, ins...

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Why is it Important to Renew Car Insurance On-Time?

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of owning car insurance for your treasured car. It protects you f...

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Car Theft Threat? How Car Insurance Can be Your Saviour

When a person invests in a prized possession, like a car, the fear of theft always prevails. In the current sc...

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Know How Easy It Is to Renew Your Car Insurance Online

All car owners should realize that their precious possessions should be insured no matter what. It is for our ...

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Tips for Racing Enthusiasts

There is no greater thrill for a budding car-racer than seeing his first championship trophy or simply gaining...

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Things to Consider when Buying Commercial Vehicle insurance

If you own a commercial vehicle, but not a vehicle insurance policy, you have the following facts to consider....

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How to Buy Vehicle Insurance on a Budget

Did you know that simple yet thoughtful measures like installing theft alarms in your car can actually bring d...

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Tips on Buying Car Insurance Online

Buying car insurance is not just a necessary, it is mandatory. ...

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Questions to Ask before Buying a Car Insurance Policy

Did you know that there are dedicated online portals that carry out objective comparisons of car insurance pol...

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No Time for Car Insurance? Buy Online!

A total of 60% to 75% of four wheelers that we see on the roads at any given point in time are usually not ins...

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What You Should Not Do after a Car Accident

Nobody wants to be in a car accident. Not only does it ruin your entire day, it can also cause serious injurie...

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5 of the Toughest Roads in India to Travel

The poet Robert Frost authored the poem The Road not Taken, he says that the path less travelled is usually th...

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Three Things that the New Motor Vehicle Act Proposes

The first Motor Vehicle Act in India was instilled towards the end of the 19th century. As years passed, the r...

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5 Most Iconic Cars from English Movies

Do you remember the movie the “The Italian Job”? While the movie did not make much at the box office, it sure ...

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Busting Myths: Only Women Need 24x7 Car Breakdown Assistance

The short film “Going Home” by Vikas Bhal, starring Alia Bhatt went viral over the internet during October, 20...

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Little Known Facts about Vehicle Insurance in India

A minor accident repair from your neighbour mechanic doesn’t come cheap anymore, your bill is sure to run into...

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How to Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

In India, the gap between petrol and diesel prices is narrowing since January 2013, following the deregulation...

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Get More out of your Car Insurance with Add-ons

Typically, a motor insurance policy will only pay for any direct damages, such as due to an accident...

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Common Motor Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Not being honest about one’s driving credentials and other important details is a widespread tendency in indiv...

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Are Zero-Deprecation Insurance Policies Worth it?

Find out whether zero depreciation policy is worth or not? Read out blog blog and get more information about z...

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Do you love your car as much as your life?

Securing your car against damage will automatically secure you. Do you have a good car insurance plan? ...

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Do not pay for someone else's mistake

Somebody’s negligence can cost you your life and income. Take steps to safeguard yourself against motor accide...

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We love your car as much as you do

Chola MS has the perfect car insurance plans mapped out for you – because when you have a car, you have to tre...

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