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Home is where the heart is, home is family. A mother’s love, a father’s care, a child’s laughter - this makes a house, a home. It is our own little cocoon that makes us feel safe and secure. Our home re-energizes us to face the world and do our best. Our own little haven, in this big crazy world. Let us protect our home with Chola MS’s #HomeSafeHome initiative so it is always a secure place for the most important people in our lives.

Whether you own your house or are a tenant, Chola MS has something for everyone. Chola MS pledges to help you protect your #HomeSafeHome. Find interesting DIY tips, home hacks, ideas on decorating your home and much more right here!

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Home Insurance

Home Insurance protects your home from risks like fire, natural calamities, burglary, breakdown of appliances and many more. Both owners and tenants can avail this cover. As per your needs, Chola MS Home Insurance provides you with options to cover your

*Owners can opt for any one among the three options while tenants can opt only for contents cover.


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We love to share! Here we have some interesting blog articles on DIY tips , home hacks , ideas on how to decorate home and much more

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