Home Protect
Some of the salient exclusions of the Chola MS Total Home Protect policy include:
  • Our home insurance policy does not cover damage, destruction or loss related to bullion, unset precious stones, curios or works of art valued at over INR 10,000, plans, drawings, manuscripts, securities, stamps, cheques, coin or paper money, documents, computer system records, business related books, explosives
  • Damage or loss to motor vehicles, cycles or livestock
  • Damage of loss to consumable items
  • Damage for which the supplier or the manufacturer of the property is responsible under the Maintenance Agreement
  • Defects, flaws, partial fractures or cracks that develop over time but do not necessitate immediate stoppage, although repair or replacement of the parts might be needed at some future time
  • Deterioration, wearing away or wearing out of any item due to normal use or exposure
  • Damage due to willful gross negligence or a wilful act of the policy holder or his employee(s)
  • Damage caused by faults that pre-existed the commencement of the current insurance policy and not known to the policy holder, regardless of whether such defects or faults were known to the company or not
  • Damage or loss during transport by any carrier under contract of affreightment
  • Lettered, silvered, embossed, curved, ornamental or any glass other than plain and of ordinary glazing quality

A home insurance policy is the only way to protect and safeguard your peaceful abode from such unexpected dangers.

You can also choose from our customized house insurance plans -  Long Term Dwellings.

Please refer to the policy wordings for details of complete coverage, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

* Conditions Apply.

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