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When you have worked hard to be able to own a home, shouldn't you go the extra step to make sure that both the house and the valuables within it are protected from misfortune? We, at Chola MS, bring you a Plan based Chola Total Home Protect product that protect your household contents against risks such as burglary, fire, breakdown of appliances, terrorism, earthquake, floods, storm and cyclones.

With Chola Total Home Protect, you can secure not just the house but all the valuables within it, while also protecting your family. This way, you get not just one or even two, but three-fold protection. And that is not all. When you choose Chola Total Home Protect, you gain:

Comprehensive Cover: Offers cover for the structure of the home, valuable contents and family members against unforeseen, unfortunate events Hassle-free process: We do not ask you for any additional documents or valuation certificates when you apply for or purchase the policy Equally hassle-free claims process: We keep it simple and convenient so that your time of crisis is not further burdened when seeking compensation Wide range of options for the sum insured.

Why Choose Chola MS Total Home Protect

When you have flexibility, the lowest premium rates and unmatched convenience, why would you look for any other option? We have simplified every step of the way, right from applying for a policy and completing the documentation, up to the closure of the claims process.

A house becomes a home only when it has your most treasured possessions and your family in it. It is but natural to look for protection for all of these.

For the first time ever, Chola MS Total Home Protect offer comprehensive coverage for the building structure, the contents inside it, as well as for the family.


home insurance policy is the only way to protect and safeguard your peaceful abode from such unexpected dangers.

You can also choose from our customized house insurance plans -  Long Term Dwellings .


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