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Chola Topup Healthline is a Top up plan that provides coverage for higher medical expenses for families on a floating Sum Insured or Individual Sum Insured basis. This policy will pay you upto the Sum insured in excess of deductible in respect of medically necessary costs.

Deductible is a cost sharing requirement under this Policy that provides that the Company will not be liable for medical expenses upto a specified rupee amount of the covered expenses, which will apply before any benefits are payable by the Insurer

Illustration: Mr. Shah has a primary Health Insurance ₹ 3 lakhs and a Top-up Healthline policy for ₹ 5 lakhs with deductible of ₹ 3 lakhs. In the event of a serious hospitalisation with a claim of ₹ 8 lakhs, ₹ 3 lakhs will be paid by his primary insurance and ₹ 5 lakhs will be paid by his Top up Healthline.

  • 7 plans with a variety of Sum Insured / Deductible combinations to suit your primary cover
  • 1/2/3 year tenure options - saves the hassle of renewing every year
  • Individual and floater options
  • First time purchase allowed up to 65 yrs of age
  • No medical check-up till 55 yrs of age
  • Renewal of policy allowed till lifetime
  • Cashless hospitalisation at over 6500+ Hospitals
  • Direct claims settlement through Chola MS HELP - no third party administrator involved
  • 30 days grace period for renewal
Relationships covered Entry age limits Remarks
Self / Spouse 18 - 65 yrs No medical check-up required up to 55 yrs
Dependent child 3 months to 35 yrs* No medical check-up required

UIN no.IRDA/NL-HLT/CHSGI/P-H/V.I/152/13-14

* 35 Yrs for dependent female child and 25 Yrs for dependant male child