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Hospital Cash

Chola Hospital Cash Healthline

Fixed Daily Allowance shall be paid for each completed 24 hours of hospitalization which takes care of your miscellaneous expenses during hospitalization. In case of hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit the daily cash benefit stands doubled for the duration of ICU confinement. Additionally, a lump-sum convalescence benefit will be paid in case of hospitalisation exceeding a continuous period of 20 days.

Reasons to choose Chola MS
  • Daily Cash benefit: You'll receive a daily cash amount for each continuous and completed period of 24 hours during hospitalization irrespective of whatever you spend.
  • No fuss, no formalities: Applicability of Pre policy medical checkup above 55 Years and Simple paper work makes this policy an easy, simple benefit product.
  • Direct claims settlement: Quick and efficient settlement through Chola MS HELP ensures direct dealing, eliminating third party involvement.
  • Tax Exemption:  Premium paid for Self, Spouse, Dependent Children, Parents are eligible for deduction under section 80(D) of Income Tax Act

It is important to understand what is hospital cash insurance. Simply put, it is an insurance policy in which for each completed 24 hrs of hospitalisation, a Fixed Daily Allowance shall be paid to cover any miscellaneous costs during the period of hospitalization.

In case of hospitalisation in the Intensive Care Unit, the daily cash benefits are doubled for the duration of the ICU confinement. Also, if the period of hospitalisation exceeds 20 days, continuously, then a convalescence benefit amount is paid in lump-sum.

Taking up such an insurance policy help to deal with sudden hospitalisation needs and costs more easily.

Why buy hospital cash insurance from Chola MS? Here are a few advantages you experience or receive when buying from us:

  • Irrespective of the amount you spend, you receive a daily cash amount for each completed 24 hrs during hospitalization.
  • Applicability of pre-policy check-ups above 55 years
  • This policy is made easy and a benefit product for all through the simple paperwork
  • Through Chola MS Help, you can experience quick and efficient settlements with direct dealings that eliminate third-parties.
  • The premium paid for self, spouse, dependent children and parents are eligible for deduction under 80(D) of Income Tax Act
  • Lifetime renewal
  • Options to choose policy term of 1/2/3 years
  • You get to choose from 6 options of the plan to find what suits you best

We even offer a Family Discount! If under the same policy, 2 members are covered, you can get a 5% discount and a 10% discount on more than 2 members. Chola’s Hospital Cash Healthline is comprehensive health insurance that provides you and your family with essential and important benefits for the best prices.

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