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Chola - Introduction to Flexi Health Content

Introduction to Flexi Health

With Flexi Health, you can decide the tenure of your policy, the premium you will pay, and your sum insured. It also allows you to pick your doctor, services and Gives you increased control over your health care. Strengthen your health insurance with the Flexi Health insurance policy at Chola MS now!

Chola - Why choose Flexi Health Content

Why choose Flexi Health?

Sum insured Restoration
Recharge benefit
Liberty to choose your stream of medicine
Short waiting periods for chronic conditions
Comprehensive coverage
Flexibility in options for premium payment terms
Cashless facilities
Availability of the International Medical Second Opinion add-on

Chola - Who can buy Flexi Health Content

Who can buy Flexi Health?

Several misconceptions float around regarding medical insurance. The biggest among them is that health insurance is designed only for older people who suffer from more medical ailments. Contrary to this popular but incorrect belief, medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, cancer and many others are occurring more frequently in younger age groups. Therefore, waiting until you are much older to get your health insurance is not just a bad move with regards to finance and health, but you end up paying a higher premium as well.

Those who come with a family history of chronic diseases, and are genetically at a higher risk should definitely opt for this plan. Senior citizens and parents above the age of 50 should also consider shifting their health insurance to the flexible kind, or simply opt for this policy as an add-on. Persons working in the corporate world, and high-pressure stressful jobs are at increased risk of such diseases and should definitely add this to their corporate insurance provided by their employer.

Chola - What treatments does Flexi Health at Chola MS cover?

What treatments does Flexi Health at Chola MS cover?

As comprehensive as it is, not at all treatments and health conditions are covered by the Flexi Health at Chola MS. Here is a brief list of all conditions this extensive policy covers -

Accident-related injuries

Accidents constitute a medical emergency. Therefore, any injury caused during an accident, either directly or indirectly, major or minor, is covered by the Flexi Health at Chola MS. Additionally, you can also avail the cashless payment facility for the treatment, making the process much smoother and quicker.


The insurance covers basic medical investigations such as x-rays, diagnostic tests, radiotherapy, blood examinations along with ambulance costs, charges for doctor's appointment and ICU charges or any charges for any other intensive care. However, all policies do not cover the cost of medication, and you must confirm this with your insurance provider before making a claim.

Pre-existing conditions

Any pre-existing health condition for which the policyholder seeks formal treatment is covered by the Flexi Health, but it is applicable only after an initial waiting period. For all pre-existing diseases, Chola MS offers a waiting period of 36 months.

Common surgeries

Common surgeries such as cataract surgery, hernia, haemorrhoids and sinusitis are covered by the insurance under the policy. Of course, each one of these comes with a waiting period, But the claim can be filed successfully after the waiting period has ended. If the claim is filed before that, it could end up being rejected by the company.

Chola - What does Flexi health offer you Content

What does Flexi health offer you

Hospitalisation expenses

The policy covers expenses including room tariff, cost of your medication, IV, materials used, and so on. If you undergo surgery, this adds another slew of expenses to the total bill.

Pre-hospitalisation expenses

These expenses are covered by this policy if they are availed within 30 days of hospitalisation. This includes the cost of diagnostic tests, blood tests, x-rays, urine tests, or any emergency admissions during the 30 days.

Post-hospitalisation expenses

All charges incurred within 60 days of discharge from the hospital will be covered by Flexi Health. Any emergency admissions during this period will also be covered by the policy.

Daycare procedures

Daycare procedures including cataract surgeries, dialysis for kidney diseases, chemotherapy are covered by this policy. You can receive treatment without the stress of payments and bills.


AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy and refers to the alternative forms of medicine to allopathy. While all hospitals do not provide these services, wherever these are available, the cost is covered by Flexi Health.

Domiciliary hospitalisation

This form of hospitalisation is useful for those who wish to receive treatment in the comfort of their home, such as that for chronic conditions. The charges incurred are covered by your Chola MS policy.

Other conditions

Other conditions such as organ donation, the birth of the newborn and emergency ambulatory expenses are also covered by flex health insurance. The coverage is quite extensive with our medical insurance.

Additional covers

The comprehensive Flexi Health also provides some additional covers over and above the sum insured. This includes restoration of the sum insured for unrelated claims, recharge benefits, daily care benefit, and many more.

Waiting period for all diseases

Claims filed during the waiting period are not covered by Flexi Health. For all diseases except accidents and renewals, a 30-day waiting period is applicable.

Waiting period for specific diseases

There are some conditions that have a waiting period of 2 years, and their expenses are not covered by the insurance during this time. These include rheumatism and arthritis of any kind, varicose veins and varicose ulcers, gastric or duodenal ulcers, all types of hernia, anal fistula, and many others.

Pre-existing conditions

If there are pre-existing conditions present at the time of purchase of the policy, a waiting period of 36 months is applicable, and benefits are not available till that period has elapsed.

War or act of hostility

Any injury incurred during a war, an act of hostility, violent act by foreign enemies or martial law is not covered by the Flexi Health cost. As it falls into a category of acts that are out of the control of the hospital administration, it is excluded from medical insurance policies.

Wilful criminal activity

If the insured person attempts any act which results in a breach of law, with criminal intent, or intentional self-injury or suicide, he/she will not be eligible to receive a claim under the Flexi Health at Chola MS.


This includes the cost of materials such as gloves, plastic bags, needles and anything else that fall under the category of consumables. These expenses are not covered by the policy.


The cost of the vaccination is excluded from all policies unless it forms a part of the post-bite treatment in conditions such as rabies.

Non-medical expenses during hospitalisation

All non-medical expenses such as food, extra room tariffs and so on are not covered by the Flexi Health policy at Chola MS.

Chola - The benefits provided by Flexi Health Content

The benefits provided by Flexi Health, Chola MS health insurance

Flexi Health is a form of indemnity health insurance that gives you more control over your health care, including your choice of facilities and doctor. A health care plan that adapts to your lifestyle. You can customise your insured amounts, premium mode, and policy tenure. Aside from allopathy, the Policy also covers you for alternative therapies. Maintain a safe lifestyle, and keep your options open.

Flexi Health comes with a slew of advantages. The policy comes with a low premium and has all the basic and important features that a health insurance policy should have. The policy provides a variety of benefits, including:

Sum Insured Restoration for unrelated claims

If the sum insured and cumulative bonus are inadequate or have exhausted a result of prior claims, your policy will provide you with 100% restoration of Sum Insured for unrelated claims.

In-hospital expenses

This policy would provide for medically necessary inpatient treatment expenses incurred during the policy period for a disease, Critical illness (including mental illness), medical condition, or injury contracted or sustained by the policyholder during the Policy Period as stated in the Policy Schedule.

a. Room and board charges as determined by the hospital/nursing home in regular rooms or ICU

b. Expenses for nursing care incurred during inpatient hospitalisation

c. Fees for surgeons, anesthetists, doctors, consultants, and specialists

d. Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Testing Materials, and Expense of Pacemaker, prosthetic, and other equipment inserted internally during a surgical procedure.

The maximum room rent permitted for sums insured of Rs. 50,000 is Rs. 1 Lakh, and for Rs. 2 Lakhs is Rs. 2000 per day.


This policy will pay for medical expenses up to the number of days specified in the schedule of benefits before the date of hospitalisation, provided that,

a. After the first 30 days of waiting, the costs were incurred

b. Such Medical Expenses were incurred in connection with the same problem that necessitated the insured person's hospitalisation

Post-hospitalisation expenses

This policy would provide for medical expenses incurred up to the number of days specified in the schedule of benefits from the date of discharge from the hospital, provided that.

a. Such medical expenses were incurred in connection with the same illness that necessitated the insured person's hospitalisation

b. The inpatient hospitalisation application for such hospitalisation is admissible by us. The amount insured will be reduced if you use this benefit.

Daycare treatments

If conducted in a network hospital, this policy will compensate for Medical Expenses incurred as a Day Care Procedure/Treatment per Annexure 1 that needs less than 24 hours of Hospitalization, up to the amount Insured specified in the policy schedule. If the operation is to be done in a non-network hospital, we must first approve it.

In the case of scheduled admission, pre-authorisation must be obtained 72 hours ahead of time, and in the case of emergency admission, it must be obtained within 24 hours.

The amount Insured will be reduced if you use this benefit.

Treatments under AYUSH systems of medicines

This policy will compensate for nonallopathic treatments provided under the Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy systems that require more than 24 hours of hospitalisation for illness or accidental bodily injury, up to the sum specified in the policy schedule.

Domiciliary hospitalisation expenses

This policy would cover medical expenses incurred by an insured person for medical care received at home that would have needed hospitalisation if:

a) The insured person could not be transported to a hospital on the advice of the attending medical practitioner, or

b) a hospital bed was unavailable (conditions apply)

Organ donor hospitalisation expenses

This proposal would cover medical costs incurred during the harvesting of an organ donated by a legal Organ Donor. We will not cover the costs of the donor's pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses or any other medical care required as a result of the harvesting.

The amount insured will be reduced if you use this benefit.

Emergency ambulance expenses

This policy would cover ambulance costs, as specified in the schedule of benefits, incurred to transport the covered person to the nearest hospital with appropriate facilities following an emergency.

Newborn baby cover

This policy would pay for the New Born Baby's inpatient hospitalisation medical costs from the first day of the policy until the policy expiry date specified in the policy schedule, subject to a cap of 10% of the sum Insured or Rs.50,000/- whichever is less within the Mother's Sum Insured. (The mother is covered under the policy for the period of 12 months continuously without a break)

The floater Amount Insured would be considered in the case of a Family Floater up to the limits mentioned for New Born Baby Cover. The amount Insured will be reduced if you use this benefit.

Chola - Additional features of Flexi Health Content

Additional features of Flexi Health

Road Traffic Accident

If an accident caused the policyholder to be hospitalised, the basic amount insured would be increased by 25%, up to a limit of Rs.3 lakhs.It is applicable for sum Insured 3 Lakhs and above ( Conditions apply)

Daily Care Benefit

For each completed 24 hours of hospitalisation, this policy would compensate you as per the schedule of benefits toward accompanying individual expenditures, up to a maximum of 10 days per policy year. We should have approved an inpatient Hospitalisation claim to be eligible for this payment.

Compassionate Visit

The policy would reimburse the transportation expenses incurred for one of the insured's immediate family members (other than the travel companion) to travel to a location away from his usual place of residence as recorded in the policy if the insured is hospitalised for a Life-threatening Medical Emergency at a location away from his usual place of residence as recorded in the policy.

The bonus sum is mentioned in the Schedule of Benefits.

Tax Benefit

When you buy the Flexi Health insurance, you are entitled to claim the tax benefit under section 80 D of the income tax act, 1961. As per this, based on the premium amount that you would be paying for your insurance policy, there will be some reduction in the amount of tax that you will be liable to pay.

Renewal benefits

● Cumulative bonus

If the insured hasn't made a claim in a policy year (per annum in the case of a multi-year tenure) and has renewed the policy with us without interruption, the sum insured for each subsequent policy will be increased by a percentage of the expiring policy Sum Insured as specified in the schedule of benefits. The overall accumulated bonus cannot surpass 50% of the insurance Amount Insured at any time.

The accumulated bonus will apply to all family members who have not claimed during the expiring policy year in the case of Individual Amount Insured. If you have a floater Sum Insured, the accumulated benefit would only apply if no one in your family has filed a claim in the previous policy year. In the case of a multi-year tenure, any increase in the accumulated bonus will be assessed at the beginning of each new policy year and will only be reflected on the policy calendar when the policy is renewed.

● Health checkup

In a family floater policy,

i. All the members of the policy are eligible for a Health Checkup.

ii. If any of the members have claimed under this policy, the health checkup benefit will not be offered under the policy for any members.

iii. The limits defined below will be the maximum amount payable for any one or all the Insured Persons towards the Health Checkup.

The medical checkup can be availed on a Cashless basis in the Hospital/Diagnostic Centres empanelled with Chola MS or on a Reimbursement basis at the option of the Insured.

*(The information given is not meant to be legally binding. Refer to the policy's terms and conditions.)

Medical second opinion

The cost of getting a Specialist Medical Opinion would be reimbursed up to a limit of Rs.25,000.

Chola - What is the Waiting period in Flexi Health Insurance Policy Content

What is the Waiting period in Flexi Health Insurance Policy?

Every insurance comes with a waiting period, during which time policyholders cannot make a claim at the insurance. Below are the types of waiting periods related to Flexi Health.

Pre-Existing Diseases

a) Expenses related to the care of a Pre-Existing Disease (PED) and its direct complications are not covered until 36 months of continuous coverage has passed since the commencement of the policy.

b) If the amount insured is increased, the exclusion applies again to the degree of the increased sum insured.

c) If the insured person is continuously covered without interruption as specified by the portability norms of the current IRDAI Regulations, the waiting period for the same is reduced depending on the previous coverage.

d) Any pre-existing condition covered by the policy after the 36 months has expired is subject to the disease being declared at the time of application and approved by Chola MS.

Specified disease or procedure waiting period

a) Expenses for the treatment of the specified conditions, surgeries, and therapies are not covered until the first 24 months of continuous coverage after the date of the first agreement with us has expired. This is applicable to claims resulting from an accident.

b) If the amount insured is increased, the exclusion applies again to the degree of the increased sum insured.

c) If any of the listed diseases/procedures falls within the Pre-Existing Diseases waiting period, the longer waiting period of the two will be applied.

d) Even if contracted after the policy or announced and approved without a particular exclusion, the waiting period for specified conditions applies.

e) If the Insured Person is continuously protected without interruption as specified by the IRDAI's applicable portability norms, the waiting period will be reduced to the extent of prior coverage.

f) The following is a list of particular diseases and procedures:

a. Congenital Internal Anomaly

b. Treatment of diseases of the ears, tonsils, adenoids, paranasal sinuses, and Deviated Nasal Septum

c. Cataract

d. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

e. Myomectomy and Hysterectomy, unless malignancy is present

f. Hernias of all kinds

g. Hydrocele h. Varicose Veins and Ulcers

h. Varicose Veins and Ulcers

i. Rheumatism and arthritis of any sort

j. Stones in the Urinary and Biliary and Urinary Systems

k. Any benign Cyst/ Nodules/ Polyps/ Tumours/ Breast Lumps that are not malignant

l. Intervertebral Disc Prolapse and Degenerative Disc / Vertebral Disorders

m. Dilatation and curettage (D and C)

n. Joint replacement surgery (except in the case of an accident)

o. ENT disorders and surgery

p. Spondylosis/Spondylitis and other Degenerative Disc Disorders

q. Ligament, Tendon, and Meniscal Tear

r. Genetic Disorders

30-Days waiting period

a) Except for claims resulting from an injury, which are protected, expenses relating to the care of any disease within 30 days of the first policy commencement date are exempt.

b) If the Insured Person has had continuous coverage for more than twelve months, this exclusion does not apply.

c) If a higher amount insured is granted later, the within-referenced waiting period is applied to the enhanced sum insured.

Chola - Make A Claim Flexi Health

Steps To Register A Claim

Firstly, once you or your family member are admitted, you will have to inform the hospital administration that the patient is a policyholder with Chola MS General Insurance.
After this, you will have to produce your Chola MS insurance document along with the valid ID proof for verification and as proof of the policy.
Post verification of the policy details, the pre-authorization form will need to be submitted to Chola MS.
Chola MS will review the documents / information provided by the hospital and start processing the cashless approval keeping in mind the terms and conditions of the medical policy.
In some cases, Chola MS may hire a field doctor to conduct the authorization process at the hospital.
If eligible and approved for direct claim settlement, Chola MS will settle the claim with the hospital directly.
The patient will provide their insurance documents to the hospital, if it is a network hospital, they will contact Chola MS and ask for approval.
If a direct claim is not approved, you will have to pay the hospital bill at the time.
After paying the bill, you will have to fill out a claim form available in Chola MS website or contact our toll free number 1800 208 5544 and submit all the relevant documents to Chola MS to claim a reimbursement within 30 days from the date of discharge. You can share them through
If your documents are in order, Chola MS will pay you the reimbursement amount.

Chola - (White)Modifying/Endorsing Your Insurance Details Content

Modifying/Endorsing your Insurance details

In case of change in name, address or any other details in the policy, you can contact Chola MS for endorsement request. The request will be raised and the same changes will be updated in the policy.

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Chola - Flexi Health FAQ Content

Flexi Health Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is Eligible to buy Flexi Health Policy?

Chola MS Flexi Health Policy comprises eligibility criteria formed while keeping in mind the satisfaction and convenience of the customers. The eligibility conditions to avail of this best health insurance plan are as follows:

Kind of Coveragea) Individual cover
b) Floater cover for entire family
Minimal Age of AdmittanceFor Adults: 18 years of age
For Children: 3 months of age
Maximal Age of AdmittanceFor Adults: 65 years of age
For Children: 26 years of age

Lifelong Renewability of Policy
Count of People coveredIndividual Cover: Self, Partner, Parents, Kids, Siblings and Parents in Law

Family Floater Cover: Maximum of 6 members including self, partner, unemployed children upto the age of 26 years.
Residential StandingShould be a resident of India, comprising of permanent residents along with Indian citizens

Q2. What do you mean by Family Floater Policy?

A family floater, a health insurance policy allows you to cover your whole family under the parasol of one health insurance policy and with the instalment of a solitary yearly expense sum. The aggregate guarantee of this policy is shared among the protected family members and can be utilised to cover clinic bills and other medical costs.

Q3. For what reason is a mediclaim policy significant?

Family is everything, and we should do everything we can to shield our friends and family from life's lamentable occasions. A Flexi Health policy can be of gigantic assistance in such a manner! It secures you and your family against the increasing expense of healthcare and guarantees that medical crises don't eat into your well-deserved investment funds. However, in particular, a health insurance plan allows you and your family members to zero in on improving without stress over the medical bills.

Q4. Who is a Third Party Administrator in Health insurance?

Third-Party Administrators, otherwise called TPAs, are IRDA-authorized specialist co-ops that go about as mediators between the policyholders and the insurance provider. They provide special aid and client assistance in territories such as cashless claims procedures, redressal of disapproval claims, and so on.

Q5. Is it safe to purchase a Flexi Health policy online?

Indeed, it is safe and secure to purchase a Flexi Health plan online. We at Chola MS General Insurance have a safe built-in payment gateway on our site to guarantee your transactions take place safely; This is the motivation behind why a significant number of our clients buy medical insurance plans online!

Q6. Why choose Chola MS Flexi Health?

Focus on young adults
Flexi Health policy focuses on young adults and supports them even as they grow older. With this policy, you can secure your future medically and financially even when you are just in your twenties.

Liberty to choose your stream of medicine
The Flexi Health at Chola MS covers hospitalisations, but it also covers other treatments in other streams of medicine. Now, regardless of the mode of treatment you receive, you can enjoy coverage with your insurance for all.

Flexible payment options
Chola MS has come up with the Flexi Health policy that allows you to choose your premium, sum insured and add-ons, at your convenience and based on your requirements. With Chola MS, you do not choose your insurance policy. Instead, you design your own health insurance!

Impressive availability of additional features
Flexi Health offers additional cover in the form of Additional Sum Insured for road traffic accidents and other accidental events such as fire, earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities. Road traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of impairments and disabilities among the population, and providing this additional cover is an excellent move to ensure the financial safety and security of an individual.

Short waiting periods for chronic conditions
Chola MS offers a waiting period as short as 36 months from the start of the policy for pre-existing conditions or diseases. This ensures that you can take advantage of your health insurance policy soon after you purchase it.

Cashless facilities
When you are already suffering from the stress of illness, having an additional worry about paying the hospital bills cannot be good for your body. With Chola MS, however, you can rest assured because here cashless facilities are available in more than 8100 hospitals across the country. Your insurance provider directly gets in touch with the hospital network and pays off whatever is covered by the company in your bills.

Additionally, the company provides a direct claim settlement without any involvement of third-party administrators. All transactions by us are transparent and easily available for you to peruse. With Chola MS, your health and money are in good hands.

Recharge and renewability benefits
Chola MS Flexi Health comes with lifelong renewability and recharge benefits; this means that you can renew your policy as many times as you require, without any additional charges or depreciation. The recharge benefit ensures when your entire sum is used up, the same amount gets redeposited into your insurance account for the future. This benefit is a limited feature that can be availed once during your policy tenure.

Q7. What are the key features of Flexi Health

Health insurance with in-fabricated flexibility assists the insured with getting the monetary security net in medical crises. Chola MS Flexi Health is one such medical insurance plan that comes under this class. This health insurance policy offers insurance coverage amid medical crises. Flexible sum insured alternatives and various advantageous premium payment frequencies help customise the Chola MS Health Insurance to match the particular requirements.

Being the best health insurance policy, it comes with advantages that are listed below.

● Reclamation of the sum insured: Ensure the rebuilding of the sum insured (up to 100%) for irrelative claims.

● Cumulative bonus: Obtain a cumulative bonus of 10% (up to 50 % of the amount insured) for each no-claim year.

● Cashless benefit: Enjoy the cashless benefit at more than 8100 affiliated hospitals.

● Tax indemnity: Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, an insured can snatch tax benefits for paying normal policy premiums.

● Prior ailments: In the instance of any previous illness or condition, you need to wait for 36 months to profit from policy benefits.

● Premedical screening: Individuals up to 50 years don't need to show up for premedical tests to purchase this Flexi Health policy.

● Health checkups: Every 2 years, without making any claim, the policy offers an opportunity to go through a free health checkup.

● Air travel costs: If a family member needs to visit the insured hospitalised for a serious medical emergency condition, this health insurance policy from Chola MS will take care of its costs (up to Rs.5000).

● Newborn child cover: A newborn is covered under the policy, given the mother is covered for 12 months from the initiation date of the policy.

● Additional sum insured- If a claim is enlisted for a road accident, this medical insurance policy broadens the coverage (up to 25% of SI for Rs.3 lakhs or more the sum insured).

● Flexible-premium payments: The insured can pick flexible Premium Paying Frequencies like Annual, Semi-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, and Single Pay.

● Coverage for other forms of treatments: Including allopathy, you have a choice to profit from different forms of treatment like homoeopathy, Ayurveda, and so on, making it a genuinely comprehensive intent to cover your health needs.

● Two flexible alternatives of coverage: There are the individual cover and family floater cover among the health insurance plans covered under this policy.

1. Under individual coverage, the policyholder can profit cover for all family individuals, i.e., yourself, life partner, guardians, guardians in law, and even kins, on the grounds of Individual Sum Insured. Under this, every individual insured will have an individual sum insured restriction within the aforesaid policy.

2. Under the family floater cover, including yourself, you can get coverage for your partner and kids up to the age of 6 months. Single sum insured streams among the family individuals covered under the policy.

● Basic cover: The Flexi Health policy by Chola MS covers basic Hospitalisation costs, pre-hospitalisation costs, post-hospitalisation costs, childcare techniques, AYUSH coverage, Domiciliary hospitalisation coverage, organ benefactor hospitalisation costs, and crisis emergency vehicle costs

● Additional cover: The Flexi Health policy incorporates additional coverage of recovery of unrelated claims, revival benefits for related claims, the accidental sum insured for claims because of Road Traffic Accident (RTA), daycare, convenient travel, bringing home of remaining mortal parts, and medical second opinion.

Q8. When should you buy Flexi Health?

We at Chola MS believe that several misconceptions float around regarding medical insurance. The biggest among them is that health insurances are designed only for older people who suffer from more medical ailments.

Contrary to this popular but incorrect belief, medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, cancer and many others are occurring more frequently in the younger age groups. Therefore, waiting until you are much older to get your health insurance is not just a bad move with regards to finance and health, as you end up paying higher premiums.

Flexi Health plan is one plan that is becoming increasingly popular for its family coverage and its adaptable benefits.

Most people assume that the best time to get health insurance would be when they grow older when their body slowly stops supporting them. However, the older you become, the more diseases and disorders you suffer from. You usually claim your health insurance more regularly when you are 70 years old than when you are at the prime age of 20.

However, the older you become, the costlier your health insurance becomes. Chola MS requires a pre-policy health checkup, and the more abnormalities the checkup detects, the higher the premium the policyholder has to pay. This is especially true for chronic disorders such as cardiac conditions, diabetes, and so on.

Q9. Which is the best time for young people to get Chola MS health insurance?

At a much younger age, you do not opt for too many different ailments since you are of the mindset that you will not be affected by these conditions. Therefore, ideally, the best time to get Chola MS health insurance would be in your late twenties and early thirties.

Another advantage of getting your Chola MS Insurance earlier in the waiting period. Normally, waiting periods can range from 30 days to even 4 years, depending upon the type of plan you choose. At a younger age, you do not claim your insurance that often, and so overcoming the waiting period is not very difficult. As you grow older, the frequency of claiming insurance increases, and you risk rejection of your claim if you file for one before the end of your waiting period.

But this is where Flexi Health comes in with its multitude of benefits. As the name suggests, the policy is flexible. Therefore, you can opt to purchase it early on in your life and then customise or alter it later on in your life when more diseases and disorders get added to the list. Moreover, Flexi Health has a short policy tenure of one, two or three years, with the maximum being the 3-year plan, and every time you renew it, you can easily opt for additional coverage at low rates, depending upon your convenience.

Chola MS also offers discounts if you opt for single premium payment for the long-term policies and provides this type of insurance for both children and adults. For children, the policy ranges from 3 months to 26 years of age, covered under the family floater policy. Once they complete 26 years of age, they can simply switch to the Individual sum insured option, which is quite an effortless and quick transfer. The waiting period for chronic or pre-existing conditions for Flexi Health under Chola MS is only 36 months, which can easily be overcome if you opt for it right at the time when your condition is diagnosed.

Q1. Is there any extra coverage available under Chola MS General Insurance's Flexi Health Policy?

Yes, indeed. Chola MS General Insurance's Flexi Health Policy includes the following extra benefits:

● Additional coverage for lawsuits resulting from a Road Trac Accident (RTA) (applicable for sum insured of Rs. 3 Lakh and above)

● Benefits of daily treatment and more

Q2. Is the daily care value of the Chola MS Flexi Health Policy available?

For expenses incurred by the corresponding person during the policy period, the policy offers a daily benefit of Rs. 500 per day for up to a maximum of 10 days.

Q3. Are our diagnostic and analytical tests covered under the Flexi Health Policy?

Indeed, different medical tests are covered under the Flexi Health plan. These tests incorporate blood tests, stool tests, CT scan, X-ray, sonography, MRI, etc. Nonetheless, an appropriate prescription by a doctor is required, and the test should be a part of the treatment of an ailment referenced in your health insurance policy. After this fact, you will actually be able to make claims for such tests.

Q1. Who can be protected by Cholamandalam MS General Insurance's Flexi Health Policy?

You can cover yourself, your spouse, parents, children, siblings, and in-laws under Cholamandalam MS General Insurance's Flexi Health Policy. On the other hand, on a family floater basis, a maximum of 6 members, including spouse and minor children under the age of 26, may be protected.

Q2. Is Ayush alternative care provided by the Chola MS Flexi Health Policy?

Yes, AYUSH care is covered by the policy.

Q3. Which family member would I be able to cover under the Flexi Health Plan?

The family floater Flexi Health plan offers coverage to you, your life partner, your children and parents, and your other blood family members and parents-in -law.

Q4. What number of individuals can be covered by Flexi Health?

You can include in excess of 2 family members under a Family floater coverage under a Flexi Health plan. You can incorporate your spouse, parents, children, siblings/sisters, and surprisingly different family members like your nephews, nieces, and parents in law who live with you. Additionally, you can generally add new members of the family to your current plan. However, in order to enjoy the benefit of the inclusion of family members, you necessarily need to purchase an individual plan.

Q1. What are the waiting periods under Flexi Health Policy offered by Cholamandalam MS General Insurance?

Flexi Health Policy by Cholamandalam MS General Insurance comes with the following waiting periods:

● There is a 30-day waiting period (except in case of an accident or policy renewal)

● Pre-existing diseases: 36 months of continuous coverage

Q1. Will a pre-policy health checkup be needed to be protected under the Flexi Health Policy?

There is no provision to have a pre-policy health checkup before the age of 50 to be protected by the Flexi Health Policy.

Q2. Is a pre-policy medical examination needed to purchase a Chola MS Flexi Health Policy?

If the insured is over the age of 50, a medical examination is required.

Q1. What is the claim resolution process for the Chola MS Flexi Health Policy?

A seamless claim experience is ensured by round-the-clock assistance for cashless treatment in a vast network of hospitals.

Q2. May I claim a tax deduction for the premium I paid for Cholamandalam MS General Insurance's Flexi Health Policy?

Yes, indeed. Under Income Tax Act, 1961, Section 80D, you will get a tax break on the premium you pay for Cholamandalam MS General Insurance's Flexi Health Policy.

Q3. Is there a cashless facility accessible under the Flexi Health Plan?

Indeed, we at Chola MS have a tie-up with more than 7000 hospitals, daycare clinics, nursing homes, and medical suppliers to offer cashless offices to our clients. This guarantees that regardless of what part of the country you are in, you have easy admittance to cashless claims.

Simply be careful that there are sure sub-limits pertinent to certain treatments and medical procedures. In case the expense caused for such treatments crosses the insured limit agreed under the said health insurance policy, you may need to pay the additional sum from your pocket. For additional terms and conditions, try to reach us on our helpline number.

Q4. What is the maximum number of claims permitted within a year?

There is no restriction on the measure of claims that can be made during a policy year. You can continue to make claims until the sum insured of the policy is exhausted.

Q1. How is the Chola MS Flexi Health Policy premium calculated?

The Chola MS Flexi Health Policy premium is location-based in cities categorised as Tier I or II, in addition to the normal considerations such as age and amount Insured.

Q1. What are some terminologies used commonly in Flexi Health?

To understand your Flexi Health policy better, here are some common terminologies used -

1. Allowed amount

This refers to the amount allowed the provider to be used for a particular service at the hospital. For example, if you avail of services such as blood tests, x-rays, other investigations, medications or surgeries, there is a certain specific amount that you are allowed to use from your sum insured for the payment of these services. This refers to the allowed amount.

2. Billed amount

Whenever you go to a hospital, you are charged for certain services and products. This includes the needles, medications, intravenous bags, surgeries, doctor consultations, postoperative care, nursing charges and many more. These are added to your overall bill for the hospital stay. The amount that is mentioned on this bill is known as the billed amount.

3. Claim

When you avail of certain services from a hospital or a doctor, it can be covered by your insurance. This is only possible if you file for a claim with your insurance company or provider. They check the validity of your claim, determine and confirm the liability and then pay it off directly to the hospital administration as a part of cashless claims.

4. Coinsurance

With purchase of any insurance, there comes certain deductibles which have to be paid off by the insured. Once this deductible amount is covered, your insurance becomes applicable and you can successfully file claims against it. The part of the insurance or the sum insured that is available after payment of the deductible refers to coinsurance. However, this coinsurance is a percentage and does not refer to the total amount. For example, your plan can have a coinsurance of 20%, which means that for a payment of Rs. 1000, you pay Rs. 200.

5. Copayment

Copayment or copay is a flat amount that you have to pay for certain services such as doctor’s consultation or medication. The exact amount of this copay is mentioned in your insurance policy and varies depending upon the plan you select.

6. Deductible

The deductible is the amount applicable for a specific policy that must be paid by the insured or the policyholder to activate the policy. Once this deductible amount has been paid off, your policy can be used to make claims successfully. The deductible can be selected based on your convenience, and it also affects your premium. The higher the deductible, the lower is the premium and vice versa.

7. High deductible health plan

In this type of health insurance, you pay a higher deductible than what other policyholders pay for the basic health insurance policies. The benefit with this type of plan is that your premium reduces considerably, and you can also avail of tax exemption from your income tax under section 80D.

8. Agent

The agent is the representative hired by the insurance company, provider or the insurer to work on behalf of the company. The agent handles all the intricacies of the policy, including the procedure for cashless payments for the insured. All the communication regarding your insurance occurs via the agent.

9. Assignee

This term refers to the person who enjoys the benefits of health insurance. This could be the insured himself or herself, or it could refer to the person for whom the insurance has been purchased, such as the spouse or the child of the insured.

10. Certificate of insurance

This form is a proof of your insurance purchase. It includes the detailed policy of your plan, including what it covers, what it does not cover, the cash limits, the treatments included and the type of payment methods available under the plan. It also provides detailed information about the deductibles, the premium charged, the coinsurance and the copayment.

11. Dependents

Dependents refers to all the persons who are dependent directly or indirectly on the insured. This could include the spouse, children, parents, in-laws as well as other family members. With a family floater policy, all the dependents can enjoy the insurance benefits under only one sum insured.

12. Long-term policy

Most health insurances come with 1, 2 and 3 year tenures for the policy. When the insured opts for the 2 or 3 year policy, it falls under the category of long-term policy. The policyholder can enjoy benefits such as special discounts and reduced premiums when they opt for such policies.

13. Long-term disability insurance

If your medical condition results in a disability, either permanent or temporary, partial or total, then the insurance falls under the category of long-term disability insurance policy. This policy has a long tenure and comes with benefits such as payment of part of their monthly income for the disability by the insurance company.

14. Policy

The policy is the legal document between the insured and the insurer which mentions all the details in depth about the insurance you purchase. This includes the terms, conditions, inclusions, exclusions, deductibles, sum insured, premiums and several other details of the insurance plan you have opted for.

15. Company

The company is the provider of the insurance policy. They are responsible for meeting the terms mentioned on the plan, and ensuring that the client or the policyholder is able to avail of the policy. The company is also the entity that receives the premium for the policy.

16. Family floater plan

The company generally offers a family floater plan to their policyholders. Under this plan, the same policy can be applied to multiple family members. A separate sum insured for each member is not required, and the premium is paid for a single sum insured. This same amount can be used for multiple hospitalisations, till it gets exhausted.

17. Individual plan

Under the individual plan, the health insurance is available for a single policyholder. If other members wish to enjoy its benefits, they can buy a separate sum insured under the same policy. Premium has to be paid individually for each sum insured purchased.


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