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What is Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision)?

Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision) offersa fixed amount to the insured in case of hospitalisation, to be used by them according to their immediate needs. The money can be used to compensate for the loss of income during hospitalisation or meet other expenses that are not covered by insurance plans.

Chola - What Are The Types of Plans Available Hospital Cash Content

What are the types of plans available?

Key Features

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

Plan E

Plan F

Hospital Cash Benefit under normal terms and conditions

Rs. 1000 per day of hospitalization

Rs. 2000 per day of hospitalization

Rs. 3000 per day of hospitalization

Rs. 1000 per day of hospitalization

Rs. 2000 per day of hospitalization

Rs. 3000 per day of hospitalization

Hospital Cash Benefit in case the insured is admitted to Intensive Care Unit(ICU)

Double amount of Hospital Cash Benefit in normal terms and conditions, i.e., Rs 2000 per day

Double amount of Hospital Cash Benefit in normal terms and conditions, i.e., Rs 4000 per day

Double amount of Hospital Cash Benefit in normal terms and conditions, i.e., Rs 6000 per day

Double amount of Hospital Cash Benefit in normal terms and conditions, i.e., Rs 2000 per day

Double amount of Hospital Cash Benefit in normal terms and conditions, i.e., Rs 4000 per day

Double amount of Hospital Cash Benefit in normal terms and conditions, i.e., Rs 6000 per day

Convalescence Benefit Sum (This sum is valid for only once and after the completion of 20 continuous days of hospitalization )

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 20,000

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 20,000

Complete term or number of days valid for the policy period

20 days of hospitalization

20 days of hospitalization

20 days of hospitalization

25 days of hospitalization

25 days of hospitalization

25 days of hospitalization

Chola - What does Hospital Cash Healthline offer you Content

What does your Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision) offer you?

Hospital Cash Benefit:

This is the fixed amount that is available to the insured once they make a claim for this amount. They can use this hospital cash to meet the other expenses.

Benefits under ICU admission

For hospitalisation under normal conditions, all the cash allowance and the benefits remain the same, but in case the insured is admitted to the ICU, hospital cash benefits and the daily cash allowance under Hospital Cash Insurance are doubled.

Additional Convalescence Benefit

If the insured or any family member covered under the Hospital Cash Insurance is admitted to the hospital for more than 20 days, an additional fixed amount is given to them so that they can meet the other expenses as well without any more trouble.

Travelling expenses

The Hospital Daily Cash can be used to cover the travelling expenses that arise when you have to travel back and forth to the hospital for some time. Along with the other expenses, this can also be compensated with the help of a daily cash allowance.

X-rays and scans

The cost of health scans and X-rays are also considerable, and these small additional things are not covered under regular plans. The Hospital Daily Cash is sufficient to cover these as well.

Attendant expenses

The expenses arising due to the services offered by the attendants can also be covered under daily cash allowance.

Additional expenses

Small bills, cost of medicines, syringes, etc., are some of the additional expenses that are covered under Hospital Cash Insurance.

Pre-existing diseases

No cash allowance or benefits will be available to the insured for any pre-existing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid until 48 months after the policy is active.

Treatment and surgery

Hospitalisation expenses that arise due to beauty or cosmetic treatments, plastic surgeries, refractive error corrective procedures, or any other such treatments or procedures are not included in the Hospital Cash Insurance.

Self-inflicted injuries

Hospitalisation expenses that arise due to self-inflicted injuries are not covered by this plan. If the person deliberately harms himself or herself, they have to look out for the expense by themselves.


The hospitalisation bills due to childbirth or fertility-related treatments are not included in the policy as well.

Naturopathy Treatments

If the policyholder is hospitalised for naturopathy11 treatments, he or she has to cover the expenses by themselves because these treatments are not covered by the policy as well.

Out-Patient Departments

Hospitalisation expenses from the treatments that are carried out in Out-Patient Departments are not covered by the Hospital Cash Insurance policy.

Treatments outside India

All the benefits and cash allowance are valid only for India unless stated in the policy otherwise.

Wars and nuclear disasters

Hospitalisation expenses from the treatments for injuries or disease as a result of war, nuclear disasters, and so on are not covered under this policy.

Chola - Benefits of Chola Hospital Cash Healthline Content

Benefits of Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision)

The Chola Hospital Cash Heathline (Revision) benefit offers to take care of a fixed amount of expense for every day that you are hospitalised. The amount that will be covered by the insurance company is fixed when you are taking the policy and would remain fixed irrespective of the circumstances. You can take this health insurance benefit as an additional insurance policy to your regular health insurance policy that you have taken, or it can even be taken separately as a standalone cover benefit.

Given below are certain benefits that you get to enjoy if you opt for Chola Hospital Cash Heathline (Revision) Insurance Policy:

Cash benefit as incidental expenses

In case you or any member of your family is hospitalised, you are entitled to get cash benefits as per the Chola Hospital Cash Heathline (Revision) Insurance policy. This benefit is designed keeping in mind the circumstances where you might need us to take care of the incidental expenses in case you or your family is hospitalised.

Claim benefit for sickness hospital cash

As per this, you have the right to claim for each day of your hospitalisation as per the plan that you have opted for. This means that you are entitled to a hospital cash benefit per day for the maximum number of days that is chosen by you as a policyholder. When it comes to deductibles, generally, 'one-day deductible' is applied, but with some enhancements in the Cover of the policy, there can also be a way where you will not have to pay the deductible at all.

No requirement for any previous policy

One basic reason why this policy becomes even better is that The policy doesn’t need the policyholder to have any prior medical cover to be eligible for this policy. He or she can take the policy as an add-on to the previous policy- there is no doubt in that. But, there is also a provision as per which they can take this policy as a standalone policy, without needing to have any previous policy as such.

No pre-policy checkup

If you are opting for the Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision), there is no need for the pre-policy checkup if you are below the age of 55. This means that until the age of 55, you would not have to go for a medical checkup that is required to know the medical condition of the person being insured. Since this won't be the case anymore, your health will be one less reason why your premium will be affected.

Option to choose the term

Most policies have a fixed tenure. There is no way any changes in the period can be made. But when it comes to Chola MS hospital cash benefit, the insured gets an opportunity to choose the term of his/ her policy. The insurance holder can opt for a 1-year insurance benefit, two-year insurance benefit or even a three-year insurance benefit as per his requirement and preference.

Lifetime renewal

There is no limit to how many times you are entitled to get your hospital cash health insurance benefit renewed. At Chola MS, we provide the benefit of lifetime renewal of the policy; that is, you can renew your policy as many times as you want to throughout your lifespan.

No need for any third party

With Chola MS, you don't have to deal with any third party any more. You can get directly in touch with Chola MS to get simple, quick, hassle-free claims and settlements within no time, with no obligation of others, or with no extra charges.

Benefits in case of a situation of ICU

In a situation where you or your family member is admitted to an ICU (intensive care unit) at a hospital, up to 200 per cent of the hospital cash amount that you have opted for is given by Chola MS every day. The insured is also provided with the convalescence benefit in case they have been hospitalised for more than 20 days in the ICU ward. This amount of convalescence benefit is paid to the insured as a lump sum.

The condition, however, is that, in case of individual hospital cash benefit, the cost is borne for a maximum of 30 days in every financial year; and in case of floating hospital cash benefit, a maximum of 90 days cover is taken care of by the insurance company in every financial year.

Availability of family discounts

The availability of family discounts is yet another benefit of opting for Chola MS hospital cash insurance. If under the same insurance policy benefit, two members are covered, then you are entitled to get a discount of 5 per cent. At the same time, if more than two people are covered under the same insurance policy, then you will be entitled to enjoy a discount benefit of 10 per cent! Given below is the entry ages for the plan:

● For spouse, parents and parents-in-law: 18 years of age to 65 years of age.

● Children between the ages of 3 months to 26 years. Unmarried female children before they reach the age of 36.

● Siblings aged between 5 to 65 years.

Chola - Make A Claim Chola Hospital Cash Healthline

How To Register A Claim

Firstly, once you or your family member are admitted, you will have to inform the hospital administration that the patient is a policyholder with Chola MS General Insurance.
After this, you will have to produce your Chola MS insurance document for verification and as proof of the policy.
Post verification, the pre-authorisation form will need to be submitted to Chola MS.
Chola MS will review the documentation and start processing the claim keeping in mind the terms and conditions of the medical policy.
In some cases, Chola MS may hire a field doctor to conduct the Authorization Process at the hospital.
If eligible and approved for direct claim settlement, Chola MS will settle the claim with the hospital directly.
The patient will provide their insurance documents to the hospital, if it is a network hospital, they will contact Chola MS and ask for approval.
If a direct claim is not approved, you will have to pay the hospital bill at the time.
After paying the bill, you will have to fill out a form and submit all the relevant documents to Chola MS to claim a reimbursement.
If your documents are in order, Chola MS will pay you the reimbursement amount.

Chola - (White)Modifying/Endorsing Your Insurance Details Content

Modifying/Endorsing your Insurance details

In case of change in name, address or any other details in the policy, you can contact Chola MS for endorsement request. The request will be raised and the same changes will be updated in the policy.

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Chola - Chola Hospital Cash Healthline FAQ Content

Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision) Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is Free Look period?

Free Look period is a term of the period which is granted to the insured at the start of the policy period. Chola MS grants the policyholder a term of 15 days to check and review all the terms and conditions of the policy plan. However, if the insured does not accept the policy plan, then the following is carried out.

● After extracting the cost of medical tests and stamp duty charges for a number of days starting from the policy period to the cancellation date enjoyed by you, the refund of the premium cost is completed.

● Some amount is deducted for the number of days of the policy period enjoyed by the insured.

Q2. How Chola helps you get tax exemption?

If you opt for the Chola MS Hospital Cash Insurance benefit, You can also exempt yourself from paying a large amount of tax.

You can avail the benefit of tax exemption on what you pay for the premium amount the Chola MS Hospital Cash Insurance benefit for yourself, your spouse, dependent children, or dependent parents, or for the floating hospital cash insurance benefit.

As per section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, on the grounds of the payment of premiums for such policies, you are entitled to be awarded a reduction in the amount of the tax that you are supposed to pay to the government.

The exact amount that you will be entitled to the deduction in your tax payment amount can easily be calculated here. While making a choice regarding the purchase of a Hospital Cash Benefit or other such insurance benefits, you shall always consider the tax exemption amount as one of the factors that would affect your decision. Making an informed choice while keeping this factor in mind will add to the perks that you can avail.

Q3. What are the key features of Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision)

● Hospital Daily Cash : A fixed amount of money is given to the insured to cover the staying and other expenses during the period of hospitalisation, which is normally not covered by health insurance plans. This sum is given every completed 24 hours of hospitalization and comes with a bonus if the hospitalization extends beyond 20 days.

● Hospital Cash for ICU Admission : If the insured is admitted to ICU, then additional cash is given to the policyholder to cover the rent and expenses. The benefits and the Hospital Cash are doubled for the insured in this case.

● Family Plan Offers : If two members of the family come under the plan, then the person will get a 5% discount, and if three or more members are covered under the plan, then the person will get a 10% discount.

●  Entry Age : For the adults, be it spouse, parents, parents of the spouse, the entry age is from 18 years to 65 years of age. For children, the entry age is between 3 months to 26 years. The siblings of the insured can also be included in their age falls between 5 to 65 years.

●  Pre-Policy Checkup : This checkup is not valid till 55 years. Only people aged above 55 years will be expected to undergo health checkup. 50% discount will be given to people undergoing medical checkup if they use the insurance policy.

● Tax Exemption : Whatever policy amount is paid by the policyholder for themselves and their family, it is deductible under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

● Lifetime Renewal : This insurance policy features lifetime renewal, but the policyholder should renew the insurance plan within 30 days after the plan expires. They won't be able to make any claim during the grace period.

● Convalescence benefit : Another reason that makes the Chola MS Hospital cash benefit a must-have health insurance plan for every person is the convalescence benefit that we provide to the insurance benefactors.

Apart from giving the double amount of the daily cash benefit for those who have been admitted to the ICU or the ICCU, we provide something called the 'convalescent benefit' to those who have been hospitalised for more than twenty days in one continuous stretch. This amount of convalescent benefit is given to the insured as a lump sum amount and, as per your plan, may range somewhere between ten thousand and twenty thousand.

● Inclusive entry ages : The entry age that we have kept for the Chola MS Hospital Cash Insurance benefit is quite appealing and inclusive. It is listed as below:

       ● Self, spouse, parents and parents-in-law shall be aged between 18 to 65 years of age.

       ● The Children shall be aged between three months and 25 years of age until they are self-dependent. (However, when it comes to unmarried female children, those aged below the age of 36 will be covered.)

       ● We also include siblings of the policyholder who are aged between 5 to 65 years of age.

Q4. Why should one buy health insurance?

Health insurance policies support you and your family during times of medical emergencies. A good policy cover covers you and protects you against the huge medical loss and other additional expenses that come with it.

Moreover, getting a medical plan also gives you tax benefits. You can easily deduct your tax sum depending on the premium that you've paid, decreasing your tax liability.

Q5. What exactly is the daily hospital cash benefit?

● This daily hospital cash benefit provides the insured a fixed sum of money as a cover for each day during the duration of one being hospitalised. This sum is constant and is fixed at the time when the insured is purchasing the medical policy.

● This sum doesn't change and can be used as an additional rider to the policyholder's existing regular health insurance policy or can even be purchased as a standalone cover.

● This sum offered can be used on the insured's dismissal. For example, it can be used as a cover for the additional expenses or even as compensation for the income loss during the period of hospitalisation.

Q6. What is generally covered under daily hospital cash benefits?

An insured's health plan does cover the major expenses but also leaves some out. These expenses are mostly inadmissible expenses and most often contain the cost of surgical equipment or personalised equipment like x-rays, transportation for family, oxygen kits, and more. If the entire hospitalisation bill becomes termed as inadmissible, then this benefit won't come into play.

Q7. Are there any prerequisite conditions one must fulfil before opting for this daily benefit?

Yes, and some of these are:

● The health insurance policyholder should be hospitalised for a minimum period of 24-48 hours to parents-in-law travelling to be eligible to activate the daily hospital cash benefit.

● Day Care procedures like radiation, dialysis, etc., aren't covered under this benefit.

● There is also a maximum ceiling concerning the overall days of hospitalisation of the insured during a health insurance policy year. This ceiling is usually fixed at 30, 60, or 90 days.

● There is also a waiting period that needs to be taken into account for this benefit.

Q8. What are the most required documents you need to avail this benefit?

Amongst many, the critical documents that one needs to present are:

● Proof of hospitalisation containing the length of stay of the insured.

● Discharge documents are provided by the hospital to ensure the admissibility of the claim.

Q9. Does this benefit avail tax benefits?

Usually, every insurance policy that you take upon provides tax benefits. A major medical plan is part of your financial portfolio. Moreover, you can decrease your taxable income by treating the premium paid as a deductible, reducing your tax liability overall. All of this is under Section 80D of the Income Tax, 1961.

Q10. Why should one choose hospital cash insurance?

● Under this policy or add-on, there's an easy chance of getting emergency services to be available 24x7.

● This policy covers the additional cost of what one's comprehensive medical plan may not cover.

● With this, you get a more convenient claim process, and you get family discounts too. It also gives one a fallback option, along with reducing one's tax liability through deductions.

Q11. What is the so-called eligibility criteria for this benefit?

As usual, there are age slabs that one must look out for. For adults, it's from 18-65 years, while for children it's 3 months-26 years. Moreover, in a family floater plan, these ages are flexibly changed. Along with this, the policy period also matters while purchasing one to know what benefits the person may get.

Q12. Which factors affect the premium of a health insurance policy?

Premium amounts usually vary according to the potential policyholder. These costs are subjected to the dynamic changes in people's lifestyles as soon as the uncertainty that goes around the medical world.

Some of the factors that affect the premium costs are:

1. Pre-existing illnesses

2. Medical history of the family

3. Body mass index

4. Consumption of addictive substances like tobacco and alcohol

5. Gender of the policyholder

6. Age of the policyholder

7. Profession choice of the policyholder

8. Family status of the policyholder

9. It also depends on whether this is the policyholders first policy or an additional one

10. Location of the policyholder

Q13. Are medical insurance policies applicable to PAN India?

Usually, all the insurance policies apply to PAN India, mainly the health insurance, since we cannot predict what may happen at any time. Moreover, clauses like these are mentioned in the terms and conditions of the policy that you might be purchasing. Therefore, it is always advised to everyone to read the fine print before purchasing a policy.

Q14. What things should I be wary of before selecting a health insurance policy?

There are several things that you need to consider before purchasing a policy.

1. The amount of coverage depending upon the number of people that need to be covered

2. The type of coverage, basically the type of plant that you would go for. For example, individual, family floater, etc.

3. The complete sum insured or the coverage amount.

4. Prices of all the hospitalisation services such as rate of the room

5. Applicability of the co-pay feature

6. An extensive list of network hospitals around you

7. The fine print, that is, the terms and conditions of the policy

Q15. What are some benefits provided by Chola MS?

When choosing a hospital cash insurance with Chola MS, we offer daily cash allowances along with these added benefits:

1. No checkups before purchasing up to 55 years of age

2. A variety of 6 plans carefully laid out to help you choose the right one for you and your family

3. The terms of policy that you can choose from are 1/2/3 years.

4. When opting for Chola MS, you don't have to go to any middlemen or third parties for issues such as claims or settlements. You can directly get in contact with our executives to deal with this in a much easier and efficient way.

5. With Chola, you get a renewal of your lifetime!

Moreover, we offer family discounts too! When you have 2 members to be covered under a policy, you avail a 5%, and for more than 2 members, it's 10%.

Q16. What does Chola MS offer in terms of longer periods of admission in hospitals?

If the insured has been admitted/moved to an ICU, we offer a doubled amount of the daily cash allowance. Along with this, we also offer a convalescence allowance in cases of hospitalisation over the past 20 days.

Q17. What does Chola MS's hospital cash plans cover?

There are 6 plans in total that we offer to our customers. The following table shows the specific plan coverages for each one.

BenefitsPlan APlan BPlan CPlan DPlan EPlan F
No. of days in each year202020252525
Cash Benefits per
day (illness/accidents)
Rs 1000/-Rs 2000/-Rs 3000/-Rs 1000/-Rs 2000/-Rs 3000/-
Benefit in case of ICUDouble than aboveDouble than aboveDouble than aboveDouble than aboveDouble than aboveDouble than above
Convalescence BenefitRs 10,000/-Rs 15,000/-Rs 20,000/-Rs 10,000/-Rs 15,000/-Rs 20,000/-

Q1. What happens when someone has to incur much higher medical costs, say if a person is admitted to the ICU?

For higher expenses like that of an ICU stay, normally, the health insurance providers double the sum offered under the daily cash benefit. For example, if one's medical plan has a daily cash benefit of Rs 1500, your health insurance company, i.e Chola Ms will up the sum to Rs 3000.

Q2. Is this benefit available for the entire duration of one's stay in the hospital?

Normally, hospital cash benefits are available for 30-45 days. However, it depends on the different health insurance providers. Moreover, this benefit has to have been opted for during the purchase of the health insurance policy.

Q3. Why should one choose this daily benefit?

● Such a benefit offers extra protection to the insured's financial loss. It also covers the expenses that aren't considered under the main comprehensive medical plan opted by the insured. Along with this, it also covers the additional expenses one might incur on the spot during the hospitalisation period.

● It acts as an extra barrier against the increased financial loss incurred.

● Such a benefit like the daily hospital cash benefit also helps you retain your No Claim Bonus or the NCB. This add-on benefit works as a daily cash plan that can be utilised to pay off the minimal hospital bills. This prevents you from filing a claim against your medical plan, preserving your NCB.

Q4. How can an insurance claim be filed?

Filing a claim is a very simple process nowadays. One should always keep all the medical bills and receipts and arrange them in chronological order first. Then, one should fill out the claim form of the health insurance provider and get the required documents in order, as specified by the insurers. While filing the claim, all the receipts, reports, consultations, basically everything that the hospital charged you for must be submitted to the insurance provider to get completely reimbursed.

Remember to read all the fine print on your policy to understand your claim process in a better manner.

Q5. Which main documents are required for the claim process?

Chola MS mainly asks for identity proof, health cards, hospital bills, receipts, consultation reports, and every other type that the hospital has made and charges you for it. A pre-authorisation form is also required to be filled if you are applying for a cashless claim. Moreover, these documents also differ with the cause of hospitalisation and the type of claim that you are making.

Q6. Is there a specific number of times that you're supposed to raise a claim in one year?

No, there is not a limit on the number of times you raise a claim. But you also have to be aware of the fact that no matter how many times you reach the claim, your sum insured will decline each time.

Q1. Is this cash benefit considered as an add-on?

Yes, this benefit protects the insured against the additional expenses that aren't considered in the main comprehensive medical plan. So, this benefit can be used as an add-on cover for these unsupervised expenses.

Q2. Is there a specific sum that's generally fixed?

If we consider an average, this amount varies between Rs 100-Rs 1000. However, when offered as a part of the pre-existing purchased medical plan, we fix a certain percentage of the sum insured.

So, X% of the sum insured becomes the daily cash benefit of the individual. This can vary depending on the situation.

Q3. What exactly is covered under the daily hospital cash benefit?

This benefit includes the daily allowance of the pre-fixed sum to help out with the additional expenses, ICU benefits if needed, an additional convalescence benefit to help with their loss of income, travel expenses, hospitalisation expenses, and more.

Q4. What doesn't come under this daily cash benefit?

Usually, such policies don't cover pre-existing diseases, specific personal diseases, recreational surgery like plastic surgeries, eye surgeries, self-inflicted injuries, problems due to personal problems such as low stamina, maternity, mental illnesses, non-allopathic treatments, and more.

Q5. Can one get covered for their pre-existing illnesses?

Yes, pre-existing illnesses can be chronic and also not. Depending upon the seriousness of the illness, the premium cost, the related coverage and the type of insurance policy are decided. For example, one might have diabetes, causing them to take care of themselves in an extensive manner. Such a patient will be required to take a higher coverage insurance policy since such diseases can affect more in the future as the age progresses.

Q6. Can one get more than one health insurance policy?

Of course! You can buy as many policies that you wish for depending on your needs.

Basically, by getting multiple health insurance policies, you just build up a bigger cover for your best benefit.

A lot of people do get multiple policies but with lower premium rates so that their main cause can get decreased, but the benefits get maximised.

Q7. What comes under the customisable add-on covers for one/s policy?

Depending upon the health insurance provider, there are quite a few add-on covers that you can take up. For example, there is maternity cover, critical illness cover, room rent waiver, top-up Cover, etc. Even the daily hospital cash benefit is used as an add Cover to increase one's sum insured and coverage.


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Chola - More things to know about Chola Hospital Cash Healthline Content

More things to know about Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision)

The following is all the additional information that there is to know about Chola Hospital Cash Healthline policies to help you make an informed decision regarding yours.

Chola - Conditions Of Chola Hospital Cash Healthline Content

Conditions to keep in mind while selecting Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision)

Cash claim period

The insured must be hospitalised for at least 24 hours to claim this hospital cash for the expenses.

Period of hospitalisation

Hospital Cash Insurance policy states the specific number of days for which selected amount is paid based on number of days hospitalized. Max tenure of the plans is either 20 days or 25 days.

Waiting period

This plan comes with a waiting period after which the insured can claim the hospital cash and the benefits.

Specific diseases*

Illness or diseases such as ulcers of any kind, arthritis, ear diseases, hernia of all types, chronic renal failure, rheumatism, tumours, vertebral disorders, cataract, and much more are covered after 24 months of policy tenure.

Chola - Insurance Benefit Under a Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision)?

How much can be availed under a Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision) Benefit?

The amount that can be availed in Hospital Cash Insurance varies and depends on the tenure, premium, age group of the insured and their family and a whole lot of other factors.

There are 6 plans in total presented by us for the customers to choose from. They can choose the one they want according to what is the most favourable to them. Of course, it depends on the tenure, special circumstances and premium of the policy, which is clearly stated in the plan. Special circumstances will include when the insured is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU), in which case, the amount and benefits both are doubled.

As mentioned before, the Hospital Daily Cash is available to the insured for only a specific period, that is, for 20 days to 25 days, or as stated in the insurance policy. We have 6 plans, Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E, and Plan F.

    ● In case of 20 days of hospitalisation, a person can avail of Rs.1000 if they have opted for Plan A, Rs.2000 if they have opted for Plan B, and Rs.3000 if they have opted for Plan C.

    ● If the person is admitted to ICU, then the benefits and the amount under the Hospital Cash Insurance are doubled. So, in that case, a person can avail of Rs.2000 if they have opted for Plan A, Rs.4000 if they have opted for Plan B, and Rs.6000 if they have opted for Plan C.

    ● The same is applied if the person is hospitalised for 25 days but only with Plan D, Plan E, and Plan F.

    ● In case of convalescence benefit sum, for 20 days, a person can avail Rs.10,000 if they have opted for Plan A, Rs.15,000 if they have opted for Plan B, and Rs.20,000 if they have opted for Plan C.

    ● It is the same for 25 days of fixed plans, that is, Plan D, Plan E, and Plan F.

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