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Chola Healthline

Chola Healthline is a comprehensive health insurance policy which provides insurance coverage for families on Individual as well as on Floater Sum Insured basis. You can cover yourself along with your spouse and dependent children, on a Floater Sum Insured basis. If you opt for an Individual cover, you can include your parents, parents-in-law and siblings as well.

We offer you four different plans with various Sum Insured options under each one of them. The policy provides coverage for 24 hours in-patient hospitalisation on Cashless or Reimbursement basis. Your Sum Insured under the policy gets increased by a percentage annually as per the plan chosen, subject to No Claim under the policy. For more details, kindly refer to the policy documents on this website.

Benefits under this policy are available under four (4) different plans to suit the specific insurance needs of our customers

Having the right health insurance in place goes a long way in helping you cope with the expenses that arise from various medical emergencies. Good health insurance allows you to focus better on recovery with coverage that helps ease the financial burden that comes with hospitalisation and treatments required.

The Chola MS Healthline plan is a comprehensive health insurance coverage that provides protection for families on individual and family floater sum insured basis. With the family floater sum insured basis, you can include your spouse and dependent children under the policy too and with the individual sum insured basis, you can include your parents, siblings and parents-in-law as well.

Here are a few things that the Chola Healthline Plan covers:

  • Hospitalisation charges
  • Medical expenses incurred
  • 141 day-care procedures are covered
  • AYUSH coverage
  • Domiciliary expenses
  • Donor expenses for organ transplantation
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Maternity expenses

The cover also comes with additional benefits such as:

  • Extended hospitalisation charges
  • Double sum insured for accidents and critical illnesses
  • Child hospitalisation allowance per hospitalisation
  • Outpatient Dental/Specs/Hearing aids/Contact Lens
  • Specialist opinion for critical illness

The policy has a lifelong renewability feature. The insured also benefits from cumulative bonuses and health check-ups as a part of renewal benefits.

Health insurance policies definitely provide a large extent of coverage to help ease the process of recovery and reduce your burden. Get the best of affordable health coverage with Chola MS.

Make sure you research on all available options before choosing the policy. Health insurance is an important investment to make, so it is wise to go through multiple quotes and plans to understand what meets your financial capabilities and medical needs the best. Look beyond just the basic coverage and also understand the various benefits and additional covers available for policies to see how much you can benefit from the policy.

You can also choose from our customized health insurance plans Critical Illness, Super Topup Plans and Hospital Cash Healthline .

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