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Group Health

The health of the employees is an important responsibility for any organisation. Sudden illness and hospitalisations can prove to be costly, in many ways, for a company. To deal with such circumstances better, Chola MS provides a corporate solution for health concerns with the Group Health plan. This way you don’t have to worry about the financial burdens or risks that arise due to an employee’s sickness.

The Group Health Insurance is issued without any prior medical examinations and covers all members included under the group, irrespective of their age, occupation and health status. The plan helps cover not only the employee but also their family.

The Corporate Health Insurance Plan at Chola MS helps you to cover your employee’s health insurance at affordable prices. An employee's health is always important for the well-being of the organisation. Keeping that in mind, we provide customised policies for employees and their family members to cover them during unforeseen illnesses and hospitalisation.

Benefits of corporate health insurance includes -

  • Coverage of local ambulance charges
  • Cashless claim settlement services
  • Pre and post-natal expenses
  • Maternity expenses

Here are some things to look for when purchasing a group health insurance -

  • Premium costs
  • The tax benefits - if any
  • What’s covered and what’s not
  • Choice of customisation

The Group Health Insurance covers the following:

  • Hospitalisation incase of an employee’s illness or injury
  • 141 day-care procedures that do not require hospitalisation for over 24hrs.
  • Local ambulance charges to shift hospital incase of emergency
  • Maternity expenses cover with sub-limits on normal and caesarean delivery
  • Pre and post natal expenses
  • Child cover from birth
  • Corporate buffer
  • Optional terrorism cover

The Group Health cover comes with various options for sum insured amount, ranging from Rs.30,000 to Rs.10 Lakhs. Opting for health insurance with Chola MS gives you complete access to over 7240 hospitals with cashless facilities to help you get your medical needs taken care of without having to worry about paying upfront.

Investing in the health of your employees is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy organisation. You can learn more about Group Health insurance and other health plans of Chola MS from our website or you may even get in touch with us. Your safety is always our top-priority!

Why should one buy a group health insurance?

Chola MS provides companies with the complete corporate health solution to not have to stress about the financial burdens that may arise due to an employee’s poor health. This can be a major concern as the employee’s health can directly affect the organisation’s health. With the help of this customized health policy, an employee and his family members can be covered in the unfortunate event of an illness or hospitalisation.

Under the group health insurance, all employees regardless of age, occupation and health status is covered for. The policy can be issued without a health check-up.

How does a group health insurance plan work?

The organisation decides to opt for a group health insurance cover with a certain insurance provider. The premium for the policy is paid out by the concerned company itself and the employees receive a healthcare benefit.

The policy covers various expenses by which the employees benefit, these are the benefits of a group health insurance:

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • 141 day-care procedures
  • Ambulance charges
  • Maternity expenses
  • Child cover from birth
  • Corporate buffer
  • Optional terrorism coverage
  • Various option to choose from for the sum insured

Getting health insurance with Chola MS provides you with access to network hospitals all-around the country and the convenience of cashless claims.

The various medical expenses covered by Chola MS group health cover allows the employees to continue with their day-to-day work, knowing they are covered for and this in turn benefits the organisation as a whole as everyone functions healthily.

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