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Some of the most common questions we are asked are listed below. If you can't find an answer to your question here, then please contact us.

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Health Insurance

If there are 3 ACs in the house, how many will be covered?

Under the Domestic Appliances Breakdown Cover (items getting damaged by electrical / mechanical breakdown), in case the customer has chosen the Silver or Gold Plan, this policy will cover 1 (one) AC. In case the customer has chosen the Platinum Plan, this policy will cover 2 (two) AC machines. The same applies to all other covered Domestic Appliances as well. For Contents Cover (items getting damaged by Fire, Earthquake etc.) all the items in the house will get covered.

I have my own independent house (ground floor & first floor). I am staying in the first floor and have rented out the ground floor to a tenant. Can I take insurance for both houses together in my name?
I have my own independent house (ground floor & first floor). I am staying in the first floor and have rented out the ground floor to a tenant. Can these two be taken separate insurance policies as two different houses?
What is the maximum age of the children to be covered under the PA or Family Floater Accident Hospitalization Cover?
Jewellery Cover includes chain-snatching also. Does this cover chain-snatching if it happens outside the house? For instance, if I wear Jewellery for my brother's wedding in another city, and chain-snatching happens, is it covered?
Can I upgrade to a higher Sum Insured or higher plan during renewal? Is downgrade allowed?
I have rented out my house to someone in a semi-furnished or fully-furnished state. The tenant has brought in his own items also. In this case, who can buy the policy to insured what? Can both people by separate policies for the same premises, to cover their respective contents?
Is glass on a moving door / window / sliding door (with metal frames) considered plate glass for coverage in this?
Is there any restriction for age of the building?
If I buy two adjacent apartments and join them (by knocking off the common wall), will it be considered as two separate properties?
What is the definition of "Valuables" under "Jewellery and Valuables" cover? What all do we cover in this?
How will the insurance policy be structured in the following scenarios - i.e. who will be the proposer, who will get the claim amount in case of contents damage etc?
If Insured resides in some apartment / society, and some renovation / repairing work is happening there in apartment or society, if insured is shifted to some other place for accommodation?
Does this policy cover any damage to the common area in the apartment building (like corridors, lift etc.)?
Is Modular Kitchen covered under Content?
The Insured has moved to a rented house due to repair work in the original house. Fire broke out in Rented House. Will the content be covered?
Is there any restriction on the alternate accommodation to be in the same locality or is any other locality ok?
The common wall between 2 houses has got damaged due to a gas explosion in the kitchen. Under which section will it be covered? Will this be under Fire or Public Liability?
What can be done if there is a small damage in the neighbour's house because of some error / mishap on my part, and the neighbour is demanding compensation but is refusing to go legal, considering the costs and hassles?
Is Dining Table covered under Plate Glass Cover?
You have said that 2 TVs will be covered under the Platinum Cover. I have taken only Silver Plan consciously even though I have 2 TVs.
Will the Fire cover be applicable in case of Fire in a particular appliance due to short circuit in the appliance in the house?
Is Earthing compulsory for the Electrical Breakdown Claim to be payable?
Is the Workmen's Compensation (WC) Cover only for Death / PTD of the employee, or does it cover any liability?
If I have taken Platinum Cover, my Workmen's Compensation (WC) Sum Insured is RS50,000. What is the maximum amount payable under this cover, if the WC cover awards a higher amount?
Can I take only the mandatory covers (Contents + Domestic Appliances + Jewellery + building if it is own house) and not take any of the additional covers under the plans?

Claim Related

Can I claim for AC number 1 in the first month, and then AC number 2 in the sixth month? How will you keep track that it is the same AC which has come up for claims the second or third time?
In Jewellery Cover, the gold rate of which date will be considered for the claims payment - purchase date, date of loss, or date of claim approval?
In case of a total loss, will the claim amount be on a replacement value or a reinstatement basis?

Why Health Insurance?

I am young and healthy. Do I really need Health Insurance?
Why buy Health Insurance if I have Life Insurance?
My employer provides me with Health Insurance coverage. Is it advisable to take another policy on my own?
Why should I buy Chola MS Individual Healthline?

Product Related

If an individual is already suffering from a disease, will the Individual Healthline Plan still reimburse his or her expenses related to the disease?
Are Maternity / Pregnancy related expenses covered under Individual Healthline Insurance plans?
Is there any tax benefit that I can avail of while purchasing Health Insurance?
Is a medical checkup necessary before buying a policy?
What are the minimum and maximum policy durations?
What is coverage amount?
My wife and children are residing at Mysore while I live in Chennai. Can I cover all of us in one policy?
Are Ayurvedic treatment expenses covered under Individual Healthline Policy?
Does Health Insurance cover diagnostic charges like X-ray, MRI or Ultrasound?
What do you mean by Cashless Hospitalization?
Can I buy more than one Health Insurance Policy?
Is there any waiting period when my expenses will not be settled, in case of a contingency?
What happens to the policy coverage after a claim is filed?
What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year?
What are the documents required for buying a Health Insurance?
Can I avail this policy if I am not an Indian National but living in India?
What are major exclusions in Individual Healthline Insurance Policy?
What are the factors which determine the premium payable for Health Insurance?
Who will receive the claim amount under Health Insurance if the policyholder dies during the time of treatment?
How does Chola MS decide whether a disease was a pre-existing one or not?
What happens when I cancel the policy?
Can I seek treatment at home and be reimbursed for it under Health Insurance?
Who pays for the medical examination?

Claim Related

Can I claim medical expenses incurred before and after a surgery?
Can I claim my dentist's bills?
If I have a Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai, can I make a claim if I am transferred to Delhi?
Can I claim expenses incurred for my mother's cataract operation in the first year of buying Individual Healthline Policy?
If I go to a hospital which is not in Chola MS network hospital list, how can I get my claim?
Will I get a discount at the time of renewal if I do not file any claim during that year?
Do I get a free medical checkup every year if I do not claim?
Is there a minimum time limit for stay within the hospital under the Health Insurance Plan?
What happens when the limit of insurance is exhausted under a Health Insurance Policy?
Who will receive the claim amount if the insured dies at the time of treatment?
What is the procedure for availing cashless facility?
If I avail of the cashless facility, will the insurance company pay the entire bill at the hospital?

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