Erection All Risk
  • War Invasion Riot Strike Civil Commotion etc
  • Nuclear Reaction Nuclear Radiation or Radioactive  Contamination
  • Insured’s Contribution – Deductible
  • Wilful Act or Wilful Negligence of the Insured
  • Cessation of Work
  • Defective Material or Bad workmanship
  • Wear Tear Corrosion Oxidation Deterioration
  • Normal Maintenance or Making Good
  • Disappearance or Shortage (Inventory Losses)
  • Design Defects
  • Loss of files, drawings, cash, cheques, etc.
  • Consequential Loss

Please refer to the Policy Wordings for the complete coverages, exclusions and terms and conditions of the policy.

UIN no. IRDAN123P0040V01200203