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Gone are the days of sedans and hatchbacks; nowadays, everyone wants an SUV. Then again, why not? SUVs are multipurpose vehicles that not only provide you with a higher storage capacity but also give you a more relaxed driving experience as compared to the other type of vehicles.

In this segment, KIA Seltos and MG Hector are one of the highest-selling units.

KIA vs. MG: Which is better?

Let’s compare them with each other to know which car will be more suitable for you. This KIA vs. MG comparison below will clear up all your confusions:

  • Starting with the price comparison, it is evident that these two cars lie in the same price range, but Kia Seltos starts around ₹10 lakhs while the MG hector starts around ₹12 lakhs.
  • The top specification line of Kia Seltos comes with an automatic gearbox, while the same is missing from the top production line of MG Hector.
  • With the diesel engine variant, the mileage provided by both the cars is the same, but MG Hector has a larger fuel tank as compared to Kia Seltos, which, in turn, allows you to go for long drives before needing a refuel.
  • When it comes to technology, MG Hector takes the win with their advanced find my car location and real-time vehicle tracking system; Kia Seltos does not have such systems. But Kia Seltos come with an Air Quality Control system which is lacking in the former vehicle.

If the users want a car full of tech stuff, they can prefer MG Hector over Kia Seltos, but at the same time, Kia Seltos offers more affordable variations. Even though these cars can go head to head with each other with their specifications and features, the outcome of the KIA vs. MG comparison comes down to the personal preference of the users.


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