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Compare Cars

Swift and Tiago from different companies, for different price ranges but from the same country. Tata and Maruti are Indian car companies that arguably sell the most cars in India. Due to the reliance on the brand name, people are often drawn towards the cars of these companies. Tata has always tried to make automobiles as affordable for the Indian middle class. Tiago is a move in that direction.

Swift vs. Tiago: Know the better one

Let’s get down to the very basics and start the Swift vs. Tiago comparison-

  • While both the cars give out the same mileage, the Swift has a bigger fuel tank as compared to the Tiago due to its form factor.
  • Swift has more boot space as compared to the Tiago, leading to the former taking the lead in Swift vs. Tiago.
  • Swift has a remote trunk opener and trunk light features, both of which are absent in Tata Tiago.
  • Tata Tiago is missing the cruise control feature that is present in Maruti Swift. This feature makes the car easier to drive during long road trips.
  • Swift also has the new navigation system integrated into its infotainment system. This feature is lacking in the Tiago.
  • Swift also features a new state-of-the-art smart card access card entry. No such feature is available in the Tiago.
  • One of the most special features of the Swift is that it comes with dual-tone body colors, which is an unexpected design feature at this price point (around ₹9 lakhs). Baleno has only one color scheme (around ₹ 9.5 lakhs).

If you want all the latest technology, then your go-to car should be the new face-lift Swift. But if you have a budget and you want the best car in that budget that fulfills all of the requirements in your checklist, then Tiago is the one for you. These cars are massively different from one another and are made for different price ranges. The choice remains in your hands.


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