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Baleno and Swift come from the same Maruti factory but with different production lines. While Baleno is one of the newer cars, the Swift that is offered now is the facelift version of the original Swift. The Swift got a decent interior upgrade, as well.

Baleno vs. Swift: Which of the Maruti cars?

Let us get down to basics and see how the comparison of Baleno vs. Swift turns out to be-

  • While the Swift has a 5-speed manual gearbox, the Baleno comes with a CVT transmission for smoother gear shifts.
  • The Swift has a higher mileage at 23.76 kmpl as compared to the Baleno’s 19.56 KMPL.
  • Baleno ensures extra care for the driver by providing the telescopic adjustment feature in their steering column. This feature is missing in the Swift.
  • When it comes to quirks and features, the Swift offers a remote trunk opener, while the Baleno has no such feature.
  • Swift comes with the cruise control feature that ensures driver comfort on long road trips. There is no such feature in the Baleno.
  • When it comes to outside design cues, Baleno has significantly more metal finishes than Swift.
  • One of the most special features of the Swift is that it comes with dual-tone body colors, which is an unexpected design feature at this price point (around ₹9 lakhs). Baleno has only one color scheme (around ₹ 9.5 lakhs).

The Swift is made to look and feel more sporty as compared to the more elegant-looking Baleno. This is also the reason that the Swift comes with a Brake assist feature. The Swift also has a few more anti-theft features than the Baleno. If you want something elegant while riding around the city, Baleno is a great choice; else, Swift is the car for you.