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Chola- Hyundai Creta vs. Kia Seltos Body Content

Before comparing Hyundai Creta with the Kia Seltos, there is one thing you should be aware of; they are sister companies. Yes, you read that right! So you are guaranteed satisfaction irrespective of the car you decide to buy amongst these two.

Kia vs. Hyundai: Which of the two is for you?

Kia and Hyundai may be sister companies, but they are not twins. Their designs and offerings depending on the price point, vary greatly. Both these cars start at around ₹10 lakhs and can go up to ₹20 lakhs when fully spec-ed up. But here are some major areas in which they differ-

  • To ensure extra comfort for the driver, the steering column can tilt and has telescopic adjustments in the Kia Seltos, but the telescopic feature is missing in the Hyundai Creta
  • Like all other Kia models, Seltos also has the Air Quality Control system. This is absent in the Creta.
  • When it comes to the dimensions of the cars, Kia Sonet is slightly wider and has more ground clearance as compared to the Nissan Magnite.
  • In the Kia vs. Hyundai battle, Kia takes the lead with the key fob that can open the engine and fuel cap lid. This isn’t significant, but it sure is a great party trick
  • Again, the Kia has a parking sensor in the front and the back of the car, but the Creta only has them in the rear.
  • Hyundai Creta comes with a gloves box cooling; this amazing feature is missing in the Kia model.
  • The Hyundai Creta also has the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel to give it a more sporty look, but no such feature is available in the Kia Seltos.

Honestly, comparing these two cars feels like nitpicking since they share most of the features. The whole argument of Kia vs.Hyundai boils down to the car design.Some might prefer the Creta’s futuristic design over the Seltos, while there may be others who may prefer the Seltos’ rugged design.