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The age-old debate of which is the better luxury car manufacturer, is it Audi or is it Mercedes or is it the BMW? For a long time, most of their cars came with the same features, albeit in different packaging. However, lately, noticeable differences have started appearing in the designs and technology. So, which is the best one?

Let's go through the things that make them different from others, as we attempt a BMW vs. Mercedes vs. Audi comparison.

Audi's sleek and smooth ride

Nowadays, Audi has abandoned their boxy car design to start producing newer, more sleek cars with highly advanced technological innovations. Its riding experience is probably the smoothest amongst the three..

BMW's sporty heritage

BMW, on the other hand, offers a sporty driving experience with their M racing heritage. The infotainment system that is fitted in the car is considered to be one of the most intuitive and interactive infotainment systems. The system also has a gesture recognition system that cannot be found in any other vehicle.

Mercedes and its futuristic designs

Mercedes has always been responsible for spearheading the safety measures in their cars. Many safety measures that we enjoy nowadays were innovated by Mercedes. With the latest 2021 Mercedes car releases, it has changed the game. Instead of their regular infotainment system, they now have this massive screen that increases accessibility by manifolds and has given the car a futuristic look. They are starting to introduce their electric range in the market.

BMW vs. Mercedes vs. Audi: Final note

To be honest, there is no comparing these brands. Each one is unique in its ways and offers a variety of features. You can choose any of their cars from any of the segments, and you will get the best deal.

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