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BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, and Mercedes are considered to top luxury car manufacturers all around the world. But their production cars are not only limited to luxury cars but are divided across many different segments. They start from small compact cars head all the way to ultra-luxury saloon cars. We will compare some of their cars in these segments and determine which is the better brand.

BMW vs. Mercedes: Luxury sedan segment

Let us start with the segment that they are known as for- luxury sedans. This segment also has different sub-segments such as small-size, mid-size sedan, full-size luxury sedan, and most sought after, the ultra-luxury sedan.

The small size sedans of Mercedes dominate the market, not only because of their sleek looks but also because of their avant-garde technology. The BMW in-car technology isn’t far behind, as the mid-size BMW 5-series and M version of the 5 series has some extreme motion sensor technologies integrated into their systems.

However, the ultra-luxurious S-class beats any other sedan by a mile. Not only it has the technology, but it is also extremely comfortable to be in.

BMW vs. Mercedes: Luxury SUV segment

In the luxury SUV segment, BMW has a larger presence in the form of X3 and X5 SUV, which are some of the finest examples of craftsmanship.

However, the full-size luxury SUV segment is crowded with the Mercedes’ G-class vehicles. With the introduction of Maybach GLE, Mercedes has been able to start an entirely different class of vehicles.

Regardless of your choice, at the end of a BMW vs. Mercedes comparison, you are guaranteed to have a luxurious ride. These two brands are always innovating, trying to get an edge over their competitors. But neither has been able to entirely best the other. This BMW vs. Mercedes battle comparison battle is far from over.