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Commercial Vehicle

Chola MS Commercial Vehicle Insurance protects your vehicle against:

  • Third Party Personal Liability with unlimited coverage. The amount awarded by the court as your liability to a third party due to accidental death or injuries caused by your vehicle will be compensated for under the vehicle insurance policy.
  • Third Party Property Damage with a maximum cover of ₹7,50,000, in case of private cars.
  • Own Damage Cover protects against damage or loss due to:
    • Fire, lightning, self-ignition or explosion
    • Burglary, theft or housebreaking
    • Strike or riot
    • Earthquake (shock damage and fire)
    • Flood, inundation, storm, tempest, typhoon, hurricane, Cyclone and Hailstorm
    • Accidental external means
    • Malicious acts
    • Terrorist activity
    • During transit by rail, road, inland waterway, air or lift
    • Landslide and rockslide
    • Personal Accident Cover with compensation
      • For the owner/driver (compulsory): Cover of ₹2,00,000
      • LL to paid driver.
Other Covers available are
  • For unnamed passengers, including spouse, children, parents, etc: Cover starting at ₹10,000 to a maximum of ₹2,00,000 (in multiples of ₹10,000)
  • Legal liability towards employees arising out of an accident involving the insured vehicle.
  • Discounts include No Claim Bonus, Automobile Association Membership Discount, Discount for Anti Theft Devices approved by Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) that are fitted in the vehicle

Please refer to the policy wordings for details of complete scope of coverage, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

* Conditions apply.

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